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sry i havent been on, too much stuff going on.
last weekend was soo awesome!!!

FRIDAY: i went to our second football game!!! it was awesome!! we actually won jv and varsity!!! thats like amazing!! GO STARS!! we had fun hanging out with our friends on the football team, and i met some new ppl like spencer , hes like a BIG teddy bear!! hes really nce and so is the other spencer& so is dominic. but of course drama could not escape. if i had it my way i would have kicked the person who hurt my friend feelings a** in 2 seconds!! but she is ok now. and we had a surprise from one of my best friends nat (xxmrs.shadowsxx) and she came to the game!! i was so happy to see her. then after the game we walked to school and went to our 1st dance. IT WAS SO lame...it was boreing. hopefully the next one will be better!!! i didnt get to sleep till 12:30am.......

SATURDAY: i woke up at 6:30am to go to ...DISNEYLAND!! yay!!! it wa so much fun!!! me and brenda got soaked on splash mountain!! haha!! and i saw the new and improved pirates ride , which was awesome!! i went on space mountain 4 the 1st time (i havent been in like 4 years) and we had soo much fun just hanging out w/ my friends. i wish we didnt have to leave so early :[ but there is always next time!!

<3 cabbage

Posted Sep 21, 2007 at 12:00am



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Wow, i havent updated in seriously about almost 4 years. A lot has changed since then. Im still me, but it seems as though the world around me is not the same...and to be honest..i like it better this way. Sure there are those days when i wish i was back on junior high or freshmen year in high school, when things were easy, simple. But now that i am close to being 18 and am approaching my final year in high school, im ready to leave what i have here and move on to the better things that await me. i know its scary and i know ive been trapped in my catholic bubble for so long, but im ready for it. i can just feel it

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