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b4 i talk about my weekend i want to say...HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY TORRO!!!!!! (hes 30)


SATURDAY: well i worked like 5 hours at the snow cone booth. i watched couples go by......just thinkin about him..... me and jenn were laughin at the crazy kids that passed us by. then i finally get off work and go w/ jill and merit, i havent seen them forever. called up natnat and she came, we laughed and went on all the rides(except the kiddie ones :P). it got later and christi, amanda and sammie came. i guessed it sorta slipped my mind. we even tried to set up merit and well....u get the picture. but ended up craming 3 ppl on the ferris wheel. then when we got to the top, it all came back. we all talked about our crushes and how we wanted to go on the ferris wheel w/ them. and it got later. and later....still no sign. merit left and hanna, laurn, regina, and fins came. we had fun :], but then someone brought him up....i felt a little down, but i didnt let it get to me....later and later it got and 10pm came around and..and..i left wut a happy endin eh?

SUNDAY: it is my grandparents 50th anniversary. we had music and family, tears and laughter. it was really funny when the bass player to the mariache(sp?) band sat on my uncles lap, and when he got up said "he pinched my butt" in spanish, we all laughed and my uncle turned reder then the angel hat he was wearin. (and hes white) then went to my lil cousins 2nd b-day party....i was bored the whole time...but wuteva....they had a good taco cart.... '

well that wuz my wekend.... still lovin&hatin it...


Posted Jul 15, 2007 at 12:00am



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Wow, i havent updated in seriously about almost 4 years. A lot has changed since then. Im still me, but it seems as though the world around me is not the same...and to be honest..i like it better this way. Sure there are those days when i wish i was back on junior high or freshmen year in high school, when things were easy, simple. But now that i am close to being 18 and am approaching my final year in high school, im ready to leave what i have here and move on to the better things that await me. i know its scary and i know ive been trapped in my catholic bubble for so long, but im ready for it. i can just feel it

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