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The Killers Pro

Rock / Pop

Las Vegas, NV

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Bring Me The Horizon Pro

Metal / Metal / Metal

(( Aberthaw )), United Kingdom

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Screamo / Alternative

Jönköping, Sweden

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Rock / Alternative / Indie

Tyler, TX

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Chasing Victory Pro

Alternative / Hardcore / Rock

Camilla, GA

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  • Mega Krissy 2.0 said:
    Hey you! :-) Would you be a sweetheart and check out my brothers band? It would be REALLY REALLY awesome if you could become a fan!!! Hows your summer? www.purevolume.com/lovecunningham Jun 11
  • A FEW MEMORIES said:
    Hello! wanna hear some alternative songs? visit our purvolume site and let us know what you think, also you can download our first album for free! thnx www.purevolume.com/afewmemories Jan 26
  • Ashley! said:
    Hey whats up?! I'm Ashley and I'm really liking your artists- they are some of my favorites! I play guitar in this brand new Pop/Rock band from Richmond, Virginia called The Greater The Risk and I think you might dig our music too! Check us out @ purevolume.com/thegreatertherisk- we've got a free download on there! Let me know what you think :)--Ashley Aug 08
  • Brandon Chitwood said:
    ha so this Watashi Wa picture for their page Feb 23
  • lady mizty said:
    helloww! have u ever heard the band SKYHAWK DRIVE, listen to them they are awesome,the best i've ever listened to, Skyhawk Drive! talk to you later and take care! Feb 22
  • JÆ follow -> @SWITCHINGTOGUNS said:
    Hiiiiiii!! =) Happy Thanksgiving!!! **if you celebrate** Hope you can share (and survive) a great day with close friends and family!! ;D Nov 26
  • Kailee Christine said:
    Yo! You seem like a cool cookie wanna be friends?? hahahahahahahaha!!!! I'm Kailee btw! How r u? Nov 22
  • Almost Gone said:
    You do that. :] I'm not sure. Whatever I can fit in within the last week or so of summer left. It went by too fast!!!!! Jul 31
  • Almost Gone said:
    Well, that's exciting. What else are you planning on doing before summer decides to end? Jul 21
  • Almost Gone said:
    I'm going nowhere right now, because I got back a couple of days ago. hahaha...bob. We hit NASSAU, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten/St. Martin. It was pretty amazing. Jul 18


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Music is my life.There isnt a day im not listening to my favorite bands.Im a very queit,shy,anti-social person when you meet me.I need time to get used to talking to people.when you get to know me im outspoken,loud and very out-going.

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