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  • live_for_me said:
    Do you love Green Day? Want to help spread the word on the release of their new album? And be able to win cool prizes from the band themselves? All for free? Then go here http://thestreetnetwork.sparkart.com/greenday/index.php?noredirect=1 to sign up and get started! Upon sign up, in the box where it says 'who were you reffered by', please put the username 'dead_beat'. What are you waiting for? It's completely free! You get news about the band, the album, and you get to connect with other fans all around the world. Remember. Just put dead_beat in the referred by box. Apr 21
  • CoolHandAdrian said:
    a mod? Oct 14
  • said:
    heyy whats up? i hope u accept my add request... i saw you on the reelbigfish/mxpx tour profile fans and i thought since we like the same music, we should be friends :-P hey if u get a chance, i bet youd like my band Stealing Jane too, we\'re kinda like sublime/maroon 5/ and RBF together... let me know what u think ok? itd be awesome to see us on ur favs too...ttyl! Sep 05
  • MightyMidget said:
    hahaha youre just being a cheap bastard. May 25
  • MightyMidget said:
    Wow its been that long? wow wee. hahaha no way, go see this providence and get your own shirt, psh. May 23
  • said:
    shut your face.... what color will our VW van be? lets go live down by the river!! May 13
  • said:
    (reside \'n waxahachie, btw) May 01
  • said:
    quite frankly, i\'m bursting with happiness! i\'m having no small amount of trouble containing my joy... i\'m kind of an idiot, & motorcycles are funtimes. congratz! May 01
  • said:
    dude, that last cmnt was so bipolar. May 01
  • said:
    sho thang, chicken wang. ...yeahh, idk! how\'r you? May 01


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  • General: pointless news that nobody will read

    i cut my hair the other day (on my own!) and i made it into a mini mohawk. kinda cool i think. saturday i'm probably gonna dye it black.

    Sep 28, 2006

  • General: breakfast

    today we went to nibbles grill in acworth. 3 bucks for sausage, 3 eggs, toast, and grits. it was sooooo good. i think waffle house will have to wait until i get in anot…

    Sep 18, 2006

  • General: i'm a stupid sellout

    so i'm a stupid sellout and i'm posting my stupid myspace picl but it's ok cause i look good. well, it's the best pic of me that i've seen

    Sep 13, 2006

  • General: homesick lazyass

    i'm homesick today. i want more money so i can go buy a new pair of jeans and some sunglasses and a few tshirts. i also want a hug..... can anyone give me a hug? i also…

    Sep 13, 2006

  • General: covered in mud and spam

    so i slipped in the mud today. would anyone listen to a band called IT'S THE SPAMSPAMSPAM!!! ???

    Aug 31, 2006

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