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  • Sweet Cake said:
    Hi, Ola! Listen BIGGEST LIE http://www.purevolume.com/biggestlie GREAT BAND FROM BRASIL - BUENA BANDA DE BRASIL - PLEASE ADD IN FAVORITOS - POR FAVOR ADD em seus favoritos - Kisses from Brasilllll Jul 07
  • ObamaDrummer said:
    New band 'Sleepscape'...let me know what you think of track 2 (death by papercut)! http://www.purevolume.com/sleepscape Dec 29
  • beforeyouhavetoast said:
    alright! and u? Oct 14
  • Edt. said:
    I miss you so much :( I don't want us to drift apart. xxxxxxxxxxxx Jun 18
  • Edt. said:
    Good luck :) I'm proper shitting it lol. but I'm sat here with my rockstar getting all mentally prepared :D I love you baby May 21
  • Edt. said:
    Lol, I have the most disgustingly funny story to tell you tonight. It's proper awful. :O Oh, and what time will you be able to get to Haydon Bridge on friday? If you can get here for about 2:10 that would be loosh. So I can show you round school and stuff! Hope you're having a good day, I'm just about to go to chemistry I love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx May 19
  • Edt. said:
    I have 1p left on my phone, I tried to text you this morning but it wouldn't let me :( My exam was really easy :D Don't even know why I was worrying lol. even though I got into the exam and realised I was resitting something completely different to what I thought I was, I'm rubbish lol I'm free the rest of the day; I wish I could come and see you again:( I'm in a good mood today actually! I'm so lucky to have you, I couldn't ask for anything else. Our conversation last night was lush :) I'm glad I could cheer you up. You'd better comment me back *glares* I love yee :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx May 15
  • Edt. said:
    Also contradictory to my earlier statement; I've decided to take a brief break from coursework to purevolume you innit :) I'm dead glad your spanish went okay :) My coursework's actually going really well, I've almost finished it all already so yay :D How's your day going? I well love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx May 13
  • Edt. said:
    Apparently the tent was moving as well :P rofl And I can't believe I'm wearing shorts either! Plus I've just had to be down the river with Demi for 2 hours, but I'll explain later. So I'm a bit chilly :( And on the way back up Peeves and Gary kept trying to keg me :O And yeah, call me at half nine :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx May 12
  • Edt. said:
    lol, I never thought I'd hear the phrase 'did rosie do hitler' in polite conversation :P But yeah, I don't think so, she said she did the purges or something? I'm sure my mobile goes off every single chemistry lesson, the teacher pure hates me rofl :D I just forget to put it onto silent, I'm rubbish ^.^ I'm wearing shorts today and it's really not warm at all, it's gutting. I don't even have a jacket or anything! :( And the head of 6th form pulled me to the side in second lesson! I was like sheeeite, but then she just said "I saw you in hexham on saturday with that girl, she looks lovely, you're very lucky :)"! I roffled :D Plus Rosie and Michael heard us having sex lol. gutter :) I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx May 12


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