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Age: 28

Location: United States


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From A Second Story Window

Metal / Progressive / Experimental

Howland, OH

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Destroyer Destroyer

Hardcore / Metal / Metalcore

Oklahoma City, OK

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Through The Eyes Of The Dead

Metal / Hardcore

Florence, SC

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Indie / Powerpop / Electronic

Fort Worth, TX

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Remembering Never Pro

Hardcore / Metal / Alternative


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Comments (36)

  • AllSaintsCry said:
    Dearest Shaun Spencer. I think you need to come to California and make me some vegan cookies. That is all. And keep bringin\' home that bacon. I want a nice apartment and I have rich taste. G\'day. May 18
  • said:
    i\'m fantastic thank you =] just waiting on summer to get here. May 02
  • said:
    hellooo how are you Apr 27
  • AllSaintsCry said:
    Hahaha, well, good to know about the elitist thing. And that\'s wonderful things are going good, just wonderful. I\'ll have to hit you up on AIM again soon! Apr 26
  • AllSaintsCry said:
    You\'re right! I\'m a fiend, an utter fiend. You\'re far too swank to not talk with. I apologize, I do. How are you? Please tell me that you\'re well. No, don\'t if it\'s not the truth though...But I hope it is. Apr 24
  • Chubbz said:
    Wow. Your dad owned Atomic skate shop? Thats crazy, one of my best decks came from there. I liked there blanks more than Plus\'s. But yeah, Hogan, Kristen and a kid named Matt Jones is who I usually go down there to see. I\'ve heard a little bit about you actually. I just mainly heard you\'re a show type of person. Thats cool. &Your billboard kills me, about the truck. Haha. Feb 27
  • Chubbz said:
    I actually go out to Niceville a lot to a place called Villa Tasso to see my friend Hogan. All the people that go out there call themselves the VT kids. I don\'t know if you know Hogan Gibson, but he lives out where you do. Feb 27
  • Chubbz said:
    You got some good taste in music AND you live in Niceville. I live in Fort Walton. Sup, I\'m Chubbz. :] Feb 27
  • brittanysaidwhat said:
    asmazingggg thanksss Jan 11
  • brittanysaidwhat said:
    hiii cuteface:] howa ree youu? Jan 10


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I wish I had a bigger truck. With really big wheels. Like 32 inches. Which is gigantic. I want my truck to sound like a beast. A behemoth of sorts. When you hear it I want you to run away in terror that you are being chased by bigfoot. I listen to many different kinds of music, including Metal, Hardcore, Metalcore, Indie, Ambient, Rap, more or less, everything. I am Straight Edge. No drugs, No Alcohol, No Smoking, No Promiscuous Sex, you know the deal. I will stand for what I believe in; a little cliched, but true. I think my friends are the best thing that I could have in my life. Along with my dog Kobi, who is a cutie. Ask anyone that has seen him. I think that it is ridiculous when people's lives revolve around T.V. shows, such as Grey's Anatomy, or LOST. They're fake. Made in a studio, in Hollywood. That crap is gay. If you don't like people using the term gay, queer, faggot, or anything of the like, then you probably won't like me. I like using proper grammar. Add me, I enjoy meeting new people. And I also like talking to them. So if you are going to add me, talk to me. KTHNX!

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