The January Design

Screamo / Rock / Indie

Providence, RI

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We F.E.W.E. (Fight Emo With Emo)

Comedy / Emo / Experimental

Worthington, OH

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Angels And Airwaves Pro

Alternative / Rock


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Metalcore / Rock / Hardcore

Boston, MA

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Rock / Post Hardcore / Alternative

Franklin, MA

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No Use For A Name Pro

Punk / Pop Punk / Alternative

San Jose, CA

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Rock / Powerpop

Boston, MA

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My Little Radio

Rock / Pop / Alternative

Boston, MA

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Cute Is What We Aim For

Pop / Powerpop / Rock

Amherst, NY

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Panic! At The Disco Pro

Rock / Other

Las Vegas, NV

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The Used Pro

Post Hardcore / Rock

Bonnie, UT

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You Me and Iowa

Indie / Rock / Pop

Playa del Rey, CA

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Avoid One Thing Pro

Punk / Rock

Boston, MA

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Head Automatica Pro

Powerpop / R&B / Rock

New York, NY

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Self Against City Pro

Rock / Pop

Sacramento, CA

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Karate High School

Rock / Punk / Experimental

San Francisco, CA

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I Am The Avalanche Pro

Emo / Alternative / Punk


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Emo Side Project

Acoustic / Emo / Indie

Lawrence, KS

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Post Hardcore / Rock / Post Hardcore

Boston, MA

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Jet Lag Gemini Pro

Rock / Classic Rock / Pop

Mahwah, NJ

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  • General: ok so im new at this

    hmm im at school and i was just surfing around and i saw that u can make a profile on here and since i cant go on myspace on the school comps i was like yay look at n…

    Jun 02, 2006



a billboard..... well what to say there many things my name is brittany I LOVE PINK absolutly hate blue im a senior in high school i have a job and i hate when ppl call me meterialistic because its not true i LOVE MUSIC all kinds yes all pop,rock,metal,rap,country,classical,opera,etc and yes i said opera its really not that bad i feel in love with it when i saw my first opera in new york the phantom of the opera classical i listen to when i sleep mostly so i guess im well rounded i LOVE my friends i couldnt live without them im big on family too im not that interested in god it seems you congradulate him for all your accomplishments so im not big on that but when ppl i love are in need trust and believe im prayin umm..... hmmm what else to say about myself ive never been in a fight and i dont plan on being in one ne time soon ok i guess im done i cant think of ne thing else to say so talk to me if you want =D

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