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Location: Farmington, MO


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Haste The Day Pro

Metal / Hardcore / Screamo

Indianapolis, IN

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Cry of the Afflicted

Metal / Rock / Post Hardcore

Kelowna, BC

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Project 86 Pro

Alternative / Post Hardcore / Rock

Aliso Viejo, CA

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Relient K Pro

Rock / Punk / Psychedelic

Canton, OH

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Among The Thirsty

Christian / Rock / Alternative

Palm Harbor, FL

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Comments (8)

  • AKayWolfHaze said:
    hey! so you're on my friends list. i just wanted to say i finally got a pic (ha, i know some were asking about that) and i also wanted to know - what's goin on w/ you? anything crazy or intense? :P also if you have msn we could talk sometime. Oct 01
  • Save The Lost said:
    Yeah. :) It's about time, huh? Jul 12
  • christchoirmember said:
    Hey, you finally added a picture of yourself! Jul 11
  • PacificBoi said:
    Just asking how do you make your letters different colours? Jul 08
  • PacificBoi said:
    Hey what's up man...just wanted to drop you line...tell me what's been goin on in your life...I'm goin on a mission trip next week so...Anyway...talk to ya later and God Bless Jul 07
  • AKayWolfHaze said:
    hey, i really love what you wrote in your blog, and it seems like you'd be a cool person to talk to. May 22
  • We'll waltz around the room, with a glaze in your stare said:
    you are in a band? cool Apr 16
  • christchoirmember said:
    I totally agree with the blog. that is totally true. I have a friend with prostate cancer that has spread to his liver. He\'s a Duke University for treatment. Our church is praying for a miracle for him. Mom says that what she is going through doesn\'t hold a candle to what Jamey is going through. (That\'s his name) Oct 03


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    Ok, well, people are out voting today, and I wish I was one of them so I could place my ballot, but unfortunately, I am not of voting age. However, I would like to advi…

    Nov 04, 2008

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    I don't really feel like mentioning it here, but if you happen to read this, could you message me and ask me about it? I'd really like to have this deep dialogue about…

    Oct 27, 2008

  • General: Photography

    Along with writing music and singing, I'm also into photography. Pretty much, whenever I can and whenever I take my camera with me, I try and take good pictures of natu…

    Jul 05, 2008

  • General: Kingdom Eternity: My New Band

    I finally got around to making a band page for me and my friend. Check it out. Our new band is called Kingdom Eternity. We haven't really had a chance to get much music…

    Feb 21, 2008

  • General: "In God We Shall Trust"

    My friend and I wrote a song for the Lord, and since this computer won't let me make an account on Purevolume, I just have to put a link to it here. It took about tw…

    Feb 07, 2008



Do you want to live forever in paradise, or burn in an eternal fire? Sure, I probably sound like some sort of morbid freak, but that is literally what your choice is. Do you accept Christ and live an eternal life in Heaven with God, or would you rather burn in a lake of fire for the rest of eternity? I've been a Christian for about eight years now, and my faith has gotten me through some very hard times. God has blessed my life with a wonderful mother, a beautiful sister, and very kind grandparents and aunts and uncles. Unfortunately, my mother and father have divorced, but I haven't been affected much by it. I just wish that my father would find the glory and grace of Jesus, our Lord. I am thinking about attending a seminary college and becoming a youth pastor. Youth need help to find the truth the most because we tend to have more conflicts in our lives that can change the way we think entirely, whether it is just a fight with one of your friends, or an abusive parent. I'm also going to major in music at that college, and hopefully start a Christian band. I'm finally partially trying to start a Christian band! Sure, it's not much, just me and my best friend, but we're finally getting around to writing some songs. Check us out when you have the chance. I am a virgin, and I am quite proud of it. To me, abstinence is a promise to God that I am never going to break until I get married. If I don't get married, I will not have sex out of marriage. It also saves me from the horrid drama of impregnating a girl and being a father before I'm ready, which I know that I won't be ready for quite a while yet.

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