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Crash Coordinates

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Federal Way, WA

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Finger Eleven

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Comments (8)

  • Brison X Cortez said:
    Heyyy there!!! My name is Brison X and my NEW SINGLE- "Call It Cliche" is streaming RIGHT NOW on purevolume. Will you give it a listen??? Its my first uke song!!! ;D Pretty Please??? =] It'd mean the world to me!!! www.purevolume.com/melinamay Jun 21
  • Jon Stoddard said:
    Hey Sara! It's Jon from Crash Coordinates :) Just wanted to personally let you know that we have a pre-order package for our new EP "Echo Theory"! It includes our New EP, a limited edition T-Shirt, a phone call from us and some other goodies! You can get your package from here http://crashcoordinates.storenvy.com/ What do you think?! Let us know ;) Love, Jon and Crash Coordinates May 26
  • DannyWoundsXD said:
    Although 83902183091 people are probably asking you the same thing. You should definately give my band a listen if you have the time. We're new to actually being on purevolume. We have a free download of the song, so if you like it then..well yeah you can download it. haha. Well, I'm gonna shut up now. Have an awesome day! Let's keep in touch? - Danny Oh! here's the link www.purevolume.com/dressyourwounds Apr 26
  • Nick said:
    HEY!!! Check out this band at http://www.purevolume.com/HOPEFORTHEFALLEN27794. These guys are only 17 years old. Sick. :) Jan 10
  • emmy909 said:
    I was wondering what you were doing tnoight. do you think that if i do the whole app tonight we could run to ec and turn it in, and run to the bank, then meet my mom at walmart at 530, so we could go grocery shopping? Do you want to do something tonight too? Yeah i\'m still mad about the whole thing with Makade and her and i\'m going to talk to him about it tomorrow, and i\'m going to say how i told him and everything, and i dont why he wont tell me. so we\'ll see. ugh. :(. this just sucks Jesses trying to be all over me again too. so i have to tell makade haha. Oct 10
  • emmy909 said:
    Sweet, so we\'ll hang out tonight, who knows what we\'ll do, probably what we always do lol. Yes I \'m gong to get you something fo ryou bday so shut up, it might not be right away but i will get you something. What do they do for the job at the plaza, do you think i could do it? Ugh. i just found stuff out about makade and lanita.. it makes me sick to my stomach. He got so p issed off at me and then wouldn\'t tell me about her. I hat eall of this. ALREADY. I\'m going to write you a note cuz i hate this class. k i love you Oct 09
  • emmy909 said:
    Hey babe, I\'m bored. This class is not going good. lol. so i\'m not sure if prom is on a boat now theya re going to do a survey and then figure everything out. Makade an dme are hanging out tonight, but we should hang out tomorrow night for sure. I definatly don\'t want to go to my grandmas house for a cookout. no way. lol. Its your birthday SUNDAY! yay. I\'m sorry I won\'t be able to get you anything right away, but after I get a job the first pay check is yours!!!!! Alright. I love y ou soooo much, don\'t EVER EVER EVER FORGET THAT! Oct 08
  • emmy909 said:
    I love you with my entire little heart, you are amazing! :). I\'m going to hang out with makade again tonight, so hopefully we get a little more cozy :). what are you doing wednesday? Lets hang! Oct 02



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