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Age: 37

Location: Lake City, WA


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As I Lay Dying

Metal / Metalcore / Hardcore

San Diego, CA

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Hand To Hand

Metal / Rock / Post Hardcore

Orlando, FL

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Rock / Alternative / Indie

Tyler, TX

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Hollywood Undead Pro

Hip Hop / Metalcore / Hardcore

Hollywood, CA

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Post Hardcore / Rock / Post Hardcore

Boston, MA

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  • forbeautifulrockers said:
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  • Jackson said:
    hello:) I member group "At breakfast" I let you on the purevolume and listen to some of what we do! pop / punk / rock http://www.purevolume.com/atbreakfast thanks , good luck! Jun 12
  • TheronRogers said:
    Hey!If you like Dashboard Confessional then you might like my stuff. Check it out at: www.purevolume.com/theronrogers Let me know what you think. Thanks, Theron Jul 14
  • Alicesama said:
    minus the bear is pretty good. how was ur long weekend? Nov 26
    hi ranju! uhhh so bored. hows uuuuuuuuuuuu. i havnt been on this thing in forever. HOWS SCHOOl Nov 26
  • Alicesama said:
    let\'s go to museum next week.. thursday. :) is that fine with u? minus the bear sounds like a interesting band name. i dun know what it means but yeah, sure i\'ll try listening to them. Nov 07
  • shinyoung said:
    WOAhhh your dogs prettyyyy Nov 06
    really??!? thats reall good! like out of a lot of bands thats really good. but im about to check ur new song. yeah and im starting to listen to anberlin or whatever. i like maes other stuff better but yeah motionctysoundtracks stuff is aight. but its on a wednseday...so yeeahh i dunno late show too. but yeah uh hha BYE Nov 04
  • Alicesama said:
    no it\'s cool. but i would have liked it if you told yr mother about going to the ave in the first place... I dun think the note was enough. it made me feel a little irresponsive when I came over. anyway, as long as we actually hangout next time, I\'ll forget about this and forgive u. haha :) Nov 02
    hi ranju!! im so dead. im ttired dead. haha well uh yeah its GRAPHIC arts. so u make designs on the comp. and u have to make what the teacher asks u to. like make a design of ur INITIALS. unfortuantly my initials suck haha so yeah it looks like crap. but i guess the class it ok. its just realy boring haha HOW IS UUU Oct 25


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