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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Rock / Post Hardcore / Christian

Middleburg, FL

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The Academy Is...

Rock / Indie / Alternative

Hoffman Est, IL

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The Veronicas Pro

Pop / Rock / Punk


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The Astounding

Rock / Indie / Ambient

New York City, NY

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Rock / Electronic / Hardcore

Los Angeles, CA

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  • Brison X Cortez said:
    Heyyy there!!! My name is Brison X and I'm informing you that my NEW EP is streaming RIGHT NOW on purevolume. Will you give it a listen??? Pretty Please??? =] It'd mean the world to me!!! www.purevolume.com/melinamay Mar 01
  • (insert mix tape and push play) said:
    sup cutie, you still dating that william guy? Jun 09
  • Young Favorite of T. Mills said:
    lol thank u dear..whats up? May 22
  • (insert mix tape and push play) said:
    hahahahaha, this website is driving me crazy. (read my post...it says all) its ur fault u crazy cheese eater, this happens becuz u eat cheese!!!!! haha, just kidding. luv yah, babe! :P May 19
  • (insert mix tape and push play) said:
    some one's threatening ur life? thats soooo funny. ok. its not. .... hmmm, maybe a little. im so indicisive! May 19
  • (insert mix tape and push play) said:
    hey, im just escaping trouble by ditching class and hanging out on the school library computer. i think they know im here....but idk. their all crazy. #D May 19
  • Johnny Snow said:
    hai there xD wats sup?_? May 19
  • IndiEvidual.. said:
    i actually hav only listened to them once so i cant remember what theyr like, i think a bit like alesana from memory? but yeah iv found so many rad bands on this! May 19
  • xxxRockStarOfNothingxxx said:
    i would like to say that its not ok to threaten my existence... i 4give u this one time cuz your awesome. (u know who u r) May 18
  • IndiEvidual.. said:
    im reaaallly digging from first to last atm, heroine album of course :) or jonsi, the singer from Sigur Ros' and his solo album, its amazinnggg May 18


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why is the sky blue? why did he hurt me? why am i asking questions to the web? hi.my name is Jocelyn L. i live in oregon which is funny cuz i am against the cold weather though i love the rain. when im done with my schooling, i dream to travel. travel where? really any where, just as long as it isnt wisconsin. im not going back there again. you can ask why if you want, but i wouldnt. im still grounded from that. any ways... when i make my great escape im bringing two things with me, 1, my mp3 player and 2, my friend cuz he really needs to get away.i love poetry, especially sonnets cuz they are so hard. i love music and art and writing with a passion that engulfs my soul. my favorite color depends on my mood and i think tofu tastes like magic. im trying to learn german, so guten tag! my celebrity crush is mitchel musso. so yeah, thats me in a nutshell...

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