• TheronRogers said:
    Hey!If you like Dashboard Confessional then you might like my stuff. Check it out at: www.purevolume.com/theronrogers Let me know what you think. Thanks, Theron Jul 15
  • punkd1345 said:
    heyy whatsss upp?? Jan 08
  • wateverchik91 said:
    myspace????? ^_^ Aug 01
  • The Vandon Army said:
    Hey... The Vandon Arms have some songs up for you to download!!! Come check them out!!! Cheers! Jan 26
  • feedthefire said:
    hey check out www.purevolume.com/fatesteppedin thank you FSI Jan 19
  • said:
    Zac!... How Are You?... Did You Have Fun At The Skate Park With Joe?... I Bet I\'m Having More Fun With Mom Then Your Having In Butt Loving L-Town... I Miss Ya\'... Kinda... *Giggle*... Oh Yeah!... Did You Hear That Nat Is Having A Girl! I\'m Pumped!... Well... Talk To You Later... BUTTHOLE! Jun 21
  • rocker4evr said:
    dude im likin the board u noe bc i have the same one but mine is bout to snap it blows soo yea wats up? Jun 14
  • denvermaxxx said:
    haha dude thats fucking trickky. yu fooled me and lisa. joeys passed out. you know im j ust chillin. y eah dude i did a sickkass BS 180 kickky. it was like super high up and long gap. true. May 28
  • denvermaxxx said:
    that varial kickky arouses me.. im not even gonna lie. lol that looks like a varial anyways, maybe 360 fliip. i dunno but you get my point huh ? May 27
  • said:
    actually because your a skater! May 27
  • said:
    o haha.. i dont know where i got you from i guess just from someones profile. idk i guess i added you because i thought you were hott.... May 27
  • said:
    what did you mean by that comment?? May 27
  • kd said:
    thankyou. =]. May 20
  • said:
    nice board! i skate too! May 11
  • said:
    hEY yA, bIG sILLY... Apr 30
  • said:
    hi. Apr 18
  • karaboo said:
    haha yeah it is pretty nifty! it\'s going to be blue soon! Apr 03
  • karaboo said:
    thanks for the add! Apr 02
  • kkkirstenFACE said:
    why yes, i am. and so are you. quick, that is. haha yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Apr 02
  • kkkirstenFACE said:
    haha well that\'s ironic... Apr 02

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