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  • Matt_loves_chimaira said:
    Yeah, but apparently im gonna live in MN now so it doesnt matter. lol. Galen is paying his girlfriend exactly $100 an hour for her. where he gets the money, i dunno. maybe hes a gay hooker. Apr 15
  • Matt_loves_chimaira said:
    yeah, i got in the 80th percentile, Mar 11
  • Matt_loves_chimaira said:
    i got accepted into St. Paul\'s the other day. is it as shitty as it sounds? Mar 03
  • Fulgencio said:
    Yeah..that sucks...i remeber those days man! 3 more years eh? lol Feb 01
  • Fulgencio said:
    Yeah...I can bet dude. Do you have all ages venues down there at all? Jan 26
  • Sunny said:
    nope i will though i heard many people teling me about it Jan 23
  • Sunny said:
    all right bro but remember when u try to wd 40 thing with the lighter first lit the lighter and then spray the wd 40 away from yourself and be careful man cuz if that shit gets inside the can it\'s gonna blow so that\'s why u hold it away from ur face, enjoy what i\'ve told u lol Jan 22
  • Sunny said:
    yo what kind of shit do u blow up? just curious Jan 21
  • Sunny said:
    dude i love burning shit, fucking try holding a lighter under a wd 40 that shit gets your adrenaline flowing like crazy Jan 20
  • Fulgencio said:
    I thought the live music scene in LA was awesome..is that just in new Orleans? Jan 18


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    Rockguitarist has led an unevetful life and has yet to post any entries this is ture how do they now me so well.

    Oct 22, 2006



Hey i am austin i am 15 and i dont like school work or the man. i like music, playing guitar, learnig drums and hot chicks that play guitar. and blowing shit up and lighting it on fire. that is pretty much my hole life i hang out with friends and sometimes do other stuff like play monopoly but not realy because i am so lazy i get my friends to roll the dice and pretty much play i always wined up losing. so that is my life. oh and YOUR NOT HARDCORE ENLESS YOU LIVE HARDCORE. Jack Black Shake n Bake.

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