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Post Hardcore / Rock / Punk

Long Beach, CA

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Thats Whats Up (NEW VIDEO UP!!!)

Rock / Screamo / Electronic

Ghettosburg, MD

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Hardcore / Metal

Corona, CA

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The Friday Night Boys

Pop / Pop / Pop

Harrisburg, VA

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Pop / Rock / Metal

Los Angeles, CA

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  • Chaaaawwley said:
    hello :) how are you? btw do you have a twitter? if so follow me and i will too haha :D www.Twitter.Com/ZipperRog Dec 30
  • a.V.o (U.S. OFFICIAL FAN CLUB) said:
    Hey you know A.V.O.? This is the first official fan club of this band of screamo / metalcore from Brazil, will participate in this family, you are very welcome. Help us to raise our family we are known all over the world thanks Dec 17
  • battleofthebands.com/livetotell said:
    thank you it means a lot to me :) keep in touch ok? Oct 02
  • x said:
    AWESOME sam :) we'll be at Cleveland warped with a table to promote our stuff even if we don't make it, so be sure to stop by and we'll get you some free stuff! :D May 03
  • x said:
    I know! I saw that! They were totally sloshed out of their minds for the taste of chaos too, it was ridiculous. You couldn't even understand what he was saying (hahaha i realize how ridiculous that sounds when I realize I play in a hardcore band) but yeah, i was upset, but you never know! through that same site is the chance to play some dates on warped tour, so we're gonna try for that. I'll hit you up with a link as soon as I get the chance. :D but yeah, I've been good, we're working on some new stuff, so once we get enough buzz going again, I'll put it up. thank you a TON for all the support, and hope to see you soon! Mike Mar 22
  • Harvest Peach said:
    ive been alright we are about to release our first ep in may! :] Mar 06
  • Andy loves Lacey ♥ said:
    Thanx for checkin out my band, I do bass/back up vocals Feel free to leave us some comments too And Plz tell ur friends, SPREAD THE WORD! lol thanx Feb 05
  • Taylor said:
    Hey if your a fan of All Time Low, The Maine, and Blink 182 you should definetly check out Saving The Falling! The link to there purevolume is www.purevolume.com/savingthefalling Nov 23
  • Harvest Peach said:
    Please check out my band ForTheWhile. We are on i tunes and have a free song available on our Purevolume. Thanks and keep in touch, Ian www.purevolume.com/forthewhile www.myspace.com/forthewhile Nov 07
  • Lake said:
    hey. Thanks for the comment. So what kind of vegetarian are you? I'm lacto-ovo. I hate how they have a million scientific names for them, ha ha, but anyway... Oct 26


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