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Ascot Fire

Rock / Indie / Pop Punk

Chicago, IL

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Emo / Metal

Centreville, VA

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Hawthorne Heights Pro

Post Hardcore / Screamo / Pop Punk

Dayton, OH

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Coheed and Cambria Pro

Rock / Progressive / Alternative

Central Nyack, NY

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  • Almost Gone said:
    Yeah me either. I've only got GHWT. Apr 18
  • Almost Gone said:
    I wish I could play drums. But I tried drums on RockBand for the first time a few days ago and I suck. The colors keep coming too fast and my brain overloads itself. Apparently I'm supposed to be good at games like that. Haha. Shows how much people know... Apr 09
  • Almost Gone said:
    Cool. I hope the drummer is insanely amazing. Apr 08
  • Almost Gone said:
    Okay then. So, what're you up to? Apr 06
  • Almost Gone said:
    Wow. I'm sorry. Apr 01
  • Almost Gone said:
    Haha. I bet it did. Did you make a snowman, or did you just glare at the snow, wondering why it didn't come and plague me? Mar 29
  • Almost Gone said:
    Yes. You are. (: Mar 28
  • Almost Gone said:
    Nope. You're hopelessly confused. Mar 21
  • Almost Gone said:
    Yeah...well....You're MEAN. What now? Mar 06
  • Almost Gone said:
    I TOLD you I don't want it!!!! Haha. But it is supposed to snow tomorrow. But it won't. Mar 01


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  • General: new post

    So yea, this is just another one of those stupid, pointless blogs about nothing. I sugest you stop here to prevent yourself with further bordom. becaue im stoping right…

    Sep 17, 2007

  • General: 7-17-07 = Paper Walls

    Yellowcard's new album "Paper Walls" comes out today!! Go buy it!!!!!!!

    Jul 17, 2007

  • General: 7-7-7 or 7-7-07

    well today is 7-7-07 if yuo already didnt know. Which is supposed 2 be lucky, unlike thge 6-6-06 from last yearm which is supposed 2 be a devil day. Anyway only 10 days…

    Jul 07, 2007

  • General: B-day

    2day is my Hardcore sister Deidre 14th bday! leave her a comment and wish her a hardcore birthday!

    Jun 28, 2007

  • General: 1 YEAR!!

    YUP!!! I have been on here for a year 2day!! Yup, so yeah check out my Band. Peace, early. Jeremiahneilious

    Mar 18, 2007



Jeremy--- [adjective]: A Person This Hard-Core Only Comes Around Once In A Lifetime 'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com I'm like never on here anymore. You should probably add my MySpace, OR my band's MySpace.

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