• Miss Mitzi said:
    Hey you have really cool taste in music. *~MacY~* May 29
  • Miss Mitzi said:
    Hey you have really cool taste in music. *~MacY~* May 29
  • POOPBUTTOCKS42069 said:
    are you going to the OTI show in Fairhaven tomorrow night? Mar 29
  • POOPBUTTOCKS42069 said:
    Hey what\'s up...I requested your newer myspace, or the one you use more or w/e but, yeah. i\'m mad freakin bored as usual proven worth=pretty good... I\'m listening to \"Into Your Arms\" right now... It kind of reminds me of FOB, but only slightly. but, again, I must say, w/e... so, whatcha been up to lately? Mar 28
  • amber_metcalf said:
    hey :-) Dec 21
  • charchar475 said:
    hey ... im Charlotte how Massachusetts and all? last time i was out there i feel outa my friends FORD and broke my collar bone ...so yeah...dont really have a positive memory of Massachusetts Dec 15
  • POOPBUTTOCKS42069 said:
    I like your new picture..... I\'m like wicked bored so I\'m just like. surfing around the site during my law class ... ok, bye Dec 12
  • 00_Nicky_Rhymes_With_Love_00 said:
    your welcome. :p Nov 26
  • shinyguns x said:
    hey how are you? Nov 25
  • 00_Nicky_Rhymes_With_Love_00 said:
    hello0o. i [heart] your pic. x Nov 20
  • kristinnnnn_isnt_cute said:
    Hiiii, im kristin. Nov 05
  • shinyguns x said:
    hmmm hello sweetie :] Nov 02
  • amber_metcalf said:
    hey! i\'m amber...how\'s it going?? Oct 27
  • itendstonight7 said:
    just wanted to point out that you have really nice hair. and you have a mickey towel. which is wicked. i have like 3:P Oct 26
  • hollywood girl said:
    hey how are you? Oct 18
  • xCRUSHme said:
    helllooo. what\'s up? :] Oct 13
  • xbreelovesyou said:
    i havent commented you in a while so hiiiii. Oct 04
  • smoothxxcriminal said:
    hey im meghan. whats up? Oct 03
  • FFTLxx143 said:
    hey i was jw whts ur name? Oct 02
  • said:
    oo, your cute Sep 29

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