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End your trip with some quality beach time on Phu Quoc in Vietnam or on the Cambodian islands.

Vietnam alone could take you 2,5 or 3 weeks; keep at least one week free to dip into Cambodia and see Angkor Wat and other Cambodia highlights. Vietnam + Cambodia Begin in north Vietnam, visit Halong Bay, and work your way south. You can get them in Laos or Cambodia during your trip, but you might have to wait a couple of days for them to be delivered.

Make sure you check for Vietnam though as this country still usually requires already having a visa before you cross the border. Visas on arrival are typically easy to get if you're from a Western country. If you like nature then Laos is a nice country to stay a bit longer, also northern Thailand and northern Vietnam (Sapa etc.). 4 months should be plenty of time for these countries, so you can play it by ear and move on when you think you've seen everything you wanted to see in a place.

In short, even though the food is cheaper than back home, it is expensive by local standards and eating a lot of western food will diminish your ability to spend little in this region. In the mood for a really nice bowl of pasta? If you want something that actually tastes like it does back home, you're looking at spending at least $10 USD for your meal.

This is going to be the most expensive part of your food budget. Western meals, including burgers, bad pizza, sandwiches, cost around $5 USD for cheaply made food. Best food in Asia you can find for $1.50 USD at a street stall will only cost $3-5 USD at a local restaurant.

Even if you go into small local restaurants, the price does not increase that much. In Singapore, you'll find street food (or hawker stands" as they are called there) to be around 4.25 SGD ($3 USD) for a meal. In Thailand, you even find markets specifically for street food.

You find these stalls throughout this region lining major streets and at the markets. On average, these meals cost no more than $1.50 USD. In Southeast Asia, street food is the most popular form of eating.

Taxis can be a real problem in Southeast Asia, all the haggling for the price, some of them don't want to use taximeter and, especially in Thailand, they never know the addresses… Hop on a bus, or on a tuk-tuk and explore Asia. Public transport is also a good option to meet locals, discover the cities and save money. If you're a first timer in Southeast Asia we've put a quick checklist together for you to consider.

The warming culture, social travel scene and affordability (to western costs) are all major factors in why year after year for many, many years, solo travellers choose to unravel their journey here. Southeast Asia is a great place to begin solo travelling. Make sure you have cash to pay for the ticket.

Not sure where the office is in Kashgar, where it's imagined buying a ticket might be a little bit more complex. Some travel agencies in Islamabad will make noises about not selling you a one-way ticket - just head to the airline office opposite the Saudi Tower. It leaves three times a week, is operated by China South-West Airlines and costs something like US$160 one-way and will save considerable time if you want to travel the KKH, but not continue travelling in China.

Despite what most guide books say there is a flight from Islamabad to Kashgar and back again. The mountains of Sapa, world heritage site of Halong Bay, and idyllic beaches of Nha Trang have got you covered. Or are you more into nature and picturesque scenery?

You'll go crazy for this 12-day food trip and our food and coffee guides to the country. Cool, head to Ho Chi Minh City or bustling capital, Hanoi. It's also pretty easy to get around, thanks to a well-developed train system, and it's varied enough that it'll satisfy every sort of traveler.

It has the nature and the culture, the food and the fun.

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