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  • follow me on twitter or instagram: @lainebobaine said:
    awww!!!! thats soo cute:] little kids rockk my world with happiness.. unless their mad. and throw rocks at you:[ thats no funn. lalalala soooi was at a badminton tournment today and there was a HUGE fight between my school and some other one it was intense so chick decided to attack me and she was like LKASDFJ bigger then me times ten ha. blahh it was funn:] soo hows your day going mrrrr??? OH p.s your new pictures make me wanna squeal in delight then hug you:] ha Apr 26
  • follow me on twitter or instagram: @lainebobaine said:
    ohh no work is stinky ha. like me cuz i just got home from badminton then field hockey then soccer practice:| my body is telling me it wannnnnts to die haha:] gahh kayy so guess what? *you say what* your cute:O OH SNAP. haha im hunnngyy lalalalaa i sanged you a song.. hope your day is going splendidly hun:]] ra! Apr 25
  • tayluh moe hoe said:
    ur welcome baby. i am taylor =) Apr 25
  • said:
    whats up? Apr 25
  • Andrew Eats Airplane! said:
    hey i\'m andrew. whats up? Apr 25
  • said:
    no problem:Dbtw im jessica Apr 25
  • pinklemonade said:
    well hello =) i\'m Keke =) Apr 25
  • kinnis_777 said:
    hello Richie, Im Emmy. *silence* your hairs nice... Apr 25
  • Kellinaballerina said:
    taha thanks bb you are fabulous i love your face . =]]]] Apr 25
  • said:
    Omg! I no i cant wait till summa! Aww..im sorry bout ur gf. Kelly Apr 25


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.its my damn page, and i could put whatever i damn please on it. i have two new pictures!. With that said..My name is richard. I hated cali sooo i left for chicago. Im really nice and funny.Im like 5'5 and hate that im short and really insecure about it... I wasnt the cool kidd growing upp i actully gott teased alot, picked on and nott that much pepole liked me and i never even kissed a girl. Then pepole became my friends and girls started liking me butt then thats when i started geting with the wrong pepole and gott into drugs and this other bad shit that regret so much.... butt we learn from are mistakes and it made me a better person at least thats what i tell myself.I went threw like every single faze in school i was a geek then i became kind of popular and into drugs, then i was prepy,stoner,moke,punk, skater and i was even goth kind of(wtf)and now i am what i am now and im happy with itt :]] I might flirt with a lot girls on heree and that has fucked me up getting a girlfriend soo much butt i just want to say it would all stop once i gett a girfriend and thats what i want so badly right now is a girlfriend. i want a girl thats in it for awaile :] and please stop saying you love me or ily and then say it to everyother boy.I mean i use to say it to everyother girl butt now im only going to say it to pepole i mean and the pepole i do love. If you want to know more about me just ask.I like when pepole ask me questions :D

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