• harry rafli eLLen said:
    hey how are you? i´m just sharing about our music,i hope you´ll like it! please check it out! http://www.purevolume.com/peacesoffebruary. please klik become a fan to support we.. thanks to support guyss(^_^) Jun 01
  • Daimion said:
    Why be angry, he's not hutring anymore? And who is there to blame? Everyone did what they could. I'm just trying to keep going *smiles* But thanks. May 19
  • Daimion said:
    Thanks a lot for that, but I don't know how admirable I am. All I'm really doing is trying to keep my head above the water *smiles* That's a reletively normal reaction, I think. May 18
  • Daimion said:
    I guess we do. That kind of makes me sad. I'll keep that in mind, but my therapist has me monitored pretty tightly *laughs* Yeah, that sounds like him. He was always saying things like, "I guess the sky is kind of cloudy, but at least it's not raining," or something a bit cheesy like that *laughs* He was the one thing that I fought for, you know? He kept me going when everything eles tried to stop me. Now it's just hard to get out of bed in the morning sometimes *smiles* I guess I need to get my independence back. May 17
  • Daimion said:
    It's not the same thing, but at the same time it'd be kind of close. I'd lose it if I lost my brother. I'm really sorry about that. Grief's a familar thing for me, so if you ever need to talk or anything I'm all ears *smiles* Yeah, everything was so much easier wen Cal was around. You couldn't be sad around him. His optimism was just infectious. May 16
  • Daimion said:
    Really? He was surprised? Wow *laughs* I thought I was completely obvious. Thanks, I'm really trying. It's not fun to be miserable all the time, and I know he wouldn't want that for me. It's just hard sometimes. May 16
  • Daimion said:
    What did he say? *laughs* I talked about him to everybody. It is, I loved that feeling. I miss that a lot. I still miss him so much *smiles* It's still weird to wake up without him beside me. Sorry *laughs* I'm feeling pretty sentimental right now May 16
  • Daimion said:
    *Laughs* I didn't know he talked about me. I think we were the best pair in the effing world! *smiles* He totally completed me. That sounds so corny... *slaughs* May 16
  • Daimion said:
    That makes me smile; just knowing that he was sharing his joyfulness over the internet *laughs* I'm doing alright, thanks *smiles* May 16
  • Daimion said:
    Yeah? *smiles* I wish there was a way I could get a big group of people together and talk to him just one more time. No one said goodbye. But I bet he's alright *smiles* How are you? May 16
  • Legna Zeg said:
    Hello!!! id like to share my band's songs with you, check them out if your free time allows u, thanks a lot: http://www.purevolume.com/afewmemories Apr 17
  • JARJ said:
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  • Zebedee said:
    hi!how are ya my dear?...its been awhile...add me up in facebook if you have one or just email me...okay?...heres my mail art_gayumali@yahoo.com...take care my dear! Mar 22
  • Hit me up on facebook at punkundeadrocker666@yahoo.com said:
    hello =] Mar 20
  • Christina said:
    @y30 maaa ii thiink y0uhrrr maaad seqxiii liiikee x333 ii l0v3 y0uuhh liike3 y0uh d0ntt ev3n n0ee. X333 ^ How NOT to type 101 has begun. Feb 25
  • Christina said:
    If you can't move to New York, could you at least go on AIM? I really miss my friend. :/ Dec 15
  • DIEGOPOP said:
    Aloha!! Pleased to meet you!! Here i added new kraaaaaaazeee songs :P if you want it you can become a friend (or fan too much better, lol!) http://www.purevolume.com/diegopop . Send you a big hug, keep the touch... sugggaaaarrr :) Dec 14
  • Christina said:
    I love you, move to New York. Thanks. Dec 08
  • Zebedee said:
    hey!its been a while...how are ya?...add me on facebook okey?...art gayumali...take care my dear! Dec 06
  • AbsolutelyRandomRawr!! Bedtime Stories Inc. said:
    haha don't worry about me sleeping on the ground :) i need you to be catching up on slepe! Nov 23

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