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  • yourgodisdeadtome said:
    nah. i havnt seen super bad. i havnt had the time but i thought it looked hilarious. omgish. i was one of those ppl at borders with my wand and tie and timeturner. hahah. yeah myu parents wont let my lil sisters who are six and nine watch lotr and starwars but i let them haah they love all that gory stuff. bbysitting is awesome i only bbysit those kids though bc i hate all other children. yeahhh i figured out their password to their comptuter they dont kno it yet. :] Aug 22
  • yourgodisdeadtome said:
    so you are on vacation. yay. im babysitting right now. oh boy. we are watching the sword in the stone. quite entertaining. talk to you soon. Aug 13
  • yourgodisdeadtome said:
    aw. gey. well you better respond asap when you get back from the beach. haha. have fun. i play on the tennis team for my school and i love harry potter. books and movies. im one of those cool ppl who went to the book store at midnight and partied.. haha. i can play the piano i played for like 5 years then quit bc dang who wants to play piano. but i can play a song by ear when ever i want like today i felt like playing WHAT SARAH SAID by Death cab for cutie. yeahhh. i can play a lil guitar and bass bc all my friends can and they taught me.ummm ppl say me and my bestie are hippies bc we are pro love..and stuff. yeahh. im just like w.e. i do habitat for humanity and stuff. il ove disney movies bc i have like all of them and have watched them forever. one of my fav movies is hercules .... i can quote it all. thats about it .oh and liek LOTR and star wars Aug 10
  • yourgodisdeadtome said:
    is it just me or does ice pirates by darlingside begining sound like JBT??? Aug 08
  • yourgodisdeadtome said:
    i will sooo check out darlingside. that is so cool he went to your HS....im jealousss. i love reggae too. sexi music right there. i seeyouve been listening to JBT haha it said so on your recent music. niiice. hendrix is awesome i like crosstown traffic. hoot song.do you have any hobbies sports or anything? Aug 08
  • yourgodisdeadtome said:
    haha. yeah...well i always havea soft spot for dave matthews band. good music right there. i like pretty much all music. really i like the beatles a lot and then i like harder stuff like escape the fate adn then i like punk alot anti flag and the classics a lot like aerosmith acdc and stuff. Aug 05
  • yourgodisdeadtome said:
    same here. it gave me chills. i like to watch it before i go to bed. ugh. amazing. Aug 04
  • yourgodisdeadtome said:
    no. only on tv...the limited edition of live at st gallen. he didnt even kno it was being taped until after and omgish he was still amazing. ugh, i live way down south [nc]. gey. i will find an way to contact him and get him down here. whooh! haha. Aug 03
  • yourgodisdeadtome said:
    ugh. i want to see him live soooo bad. yeah John is too wicked fast to be cauguht on tape. haha. ugh. do youo know if he is ever gunna come to my area? NC-ish? that would be amazing. Aug 02
  • yourgodisdeadtome said:
    yeah the live one is great. like amazing. look up john butleer trio ocean on youtube. do iti like state radio too. omgish i have family in boston like the ipswitch area. i love that place. crane beach is funn. hmph Aug 01


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    yeah, so i kind of decided blogs don't really have a point, cuz no one really takes the time to read other peoples, and most of the time they're too long and boring, so…

    Aug 19, 2006




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