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You can check out episodes of Red Fades to Black Worldwide Radio 24/7 via the following:

iTunes Music Store: just search for us and you can download individual episodes or subscribe all for free

Streaming: All shows are available for streaming on our official site as well as on our MySpace page which you can access on our Purevolume profile.

Google us: If the above methods don't work you can search for us in Google or any search engine and chances are you'll find at least 3 or 4 podcasting sites or RSS feed sites hosting some of our episodes.

Also we've had some questions as to if we are a band or not. We are a worldwide radio program that currently syndicates our show weekly through the above outlets. We are not a band. We feature rock, metal, and hardcore bands from around the world's underground and independent music scene so check us out...

Thanks again for adding us and supporting the underground.

-jared & gina

Posted May 11, 2007 at 12:00am



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Red Fades to Black is Back! Red Fades to Black prides itself on bringing a unique blend of rock, metal, and hardcore music to listeners. Sick of corporate radio and tired of commercial radio's 'so called' rock, Jared and Gina set out to bring the best of rock, metal, and hardcore to an audience worldwide with music including some you will never hear on any commercial station. Back with even more focus on the underground, Red Fades to Black brings unknown and up and coming bands to the masses. Jared and Gina also discuss controversial topics, music news, events, and whatever the hell else comes to mind. Throw in a couple's antics and insanity and you have a show that only a duo like Jared and Gina could bring to life. Red Fades to Black seeks not only to bring brutal new music to the masses, but to push the envelope and restrictions of music today; it is like no other broadcast you have ever listened to, it is truely unique and entertaining. Red Fades to Black Worldwide Radio Official Site-Click Here Get on the Red Fades to Black Mailing List -Click Here On Air worldwide via: & PodOmatic Red Fades to Black MySpace Page xROCKxMETALxHARDCOREx

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