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Suicide Silence Pro

Death Metal / Metal / Hardcore

Riverside, CA

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Emmure Pro

Metal / Hardcore / Metalcore

Danbury, CT

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Rancid Pro

Punk / Pop Punk / Ska

Bay Area, CA

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No Hollywood Ending Pro

Hardcore / Rock / Metal

Howell, NJ

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Twelve Gauge Valentine

Hardcore / Rock / Bluegrass

Bastrop, LA

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  • Mamona Papazzone said:
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  • robynpayne said:
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  • JAMES said:
    yo yo yo Mar 18
  • wendy said:
    you have boy frends Jan 31
  • daniel books shows said:
    hey if u get the chance check out my band saturday night riot from albuquerque new mexico www.purevolume.com/saturdaynightriotnm go download some songs :) we are getting ready to go on a nationwide tour if you like us add us to ur favorites we also love feedback Jan 12
  • º[ChAoTiC CuRtIsSº¿ said:
    Ya i know how you feel...getting on a board...doing what im good at.. makes me just feel like nothing can stop me. skate all day and then sitting as the breeze cools you off in time to catch the sunset. its the perfect day..liveing freely... Jan 09
  • º[ChAoTiC CuRtIsSº¿ said:
    thnx ya i like music i can skate to...lol keeps me going... Jan 09
  • º[ChAoTiC CuRtIsSº¿ said:
    Hey whats up? Jan 08
  • x KrazyDube4Life x*~Fairy Tale Love~* said:
    yup sittin in school once again! :( but i could leave whenever i want! but my new years was good but kinda boring! how bout urs? Jan 05
  • x KrazyDube4Life x*~Fairy Tale Love~* said:
    sup? Jan 05


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  • General: only 3 things turn me on. skinnies. biting. and august burns red.

    so.. busses voted no again. if i see a bus driver im throwing an apple at him. anyone want to join? other friuts and vegetables are encouraged :) august burns red n…

    Jan 09, 2009

  • General: satans little whore

    bahaha so no busses. no ride home. no ride to cancer bats. im stuck at school painting till my mom gets off around nine. enjoyable right? lol so no one pulled throug…

    Dec 17, 2008

  • General: this is the end for you my friend

    argh. so yesterday, i was just jamming with my ex (who continously hit on me, awkward much?) & we decided to smoke a J. nothing out of the ordinary. low and behol…

    Dec 08, 2008

  • General: yawn

    in class not doing much as usual. choosing a new tattoo and downloading more music ahh & the beauty is im still passing =) splitting headache as usual. if anyo…

    Dec 02, 2008



i dont know how to define myself. i dont want to. my dream is to be with a guy who wont hurt me. kinda like that summer fling that you only read about where they walk on railroad tracks & climb moutains just to sit at the top for a few minutes to feel that much more alive. i had that once. now somehow the best guy i can get are all drug addicts and guys that would rather hurt me that just hold my hand. thats all i really wanted.. i love: drugs longboarding summer quiet walks alone loud music bombing hills touching things. ( i find skin facinating ) art i hate: being touched.. (unless circumstances call for it ;) when people assume i care living at home

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