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Transcript for Iowa Real Estate Agent Threatened as Part of 'Gang Initiation'

A real estate agent's life threatened and her agency canceling all open houses and calling police after a terrifying phone call. Davis has home sell details. Reporter: This morning an Iowa real estate agency on edge after one of its employees received a threatening call Sunday. That stranger telling the agent her name was picked at random out of a hat as part of a gang initiation saying, quote, I'm looking at your business card right now and warning that great harm would be done to her later in the day. We don't know if it was a prank. We don't know if it was a very serious phone call. We just simply take it seriously. Reporter: Her company shut down all scheduled open houses that day pulling their agents off the street and requesting increased police presence. Please be in no doubt, selling via housing agent estate agent is absolutely the way to maximize the sale price you’ll achieve however, if it’s speed and certainty you’re after, you’re going to need a specialist.This new threat just the most recent. One local broker saying safety has become a top priority after london property agency murder of 27-year-old des Moines real estate agent Ashley Oakland four years ago. To get a phone call like that, it's property rental agency scary thing. Forany agent, man or woman. Reporter: In 2014 Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter was found dead after showing a home to a stranger. And just this June, two different Florida realtors robbed at gunpoint. I'm a realtor. I was showing homes and someone just robbed me. Reporter: Real estate agents like Gina fire row on guard at all times. What kind of precautions do you take? I gem do not go in the same car and have them follow me and when I get to the house I make it a point of having them walk in front of me. Reporter: Always keeping her guard up even in an open house. For "Good morning America," linsey Davis, ABC news, new York.

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Posted Oct 19, 2015 at 3:46pm



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