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  • Swamp of Blood said:
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  • Zac Koval said:
    Hey! We wanted to share our music with you! Like post-hardcore or acoustic?www.purevolume.com/parabellumCT & www.purevolume.com/zackoval If you like it become a fan and maybe comment on what you think! Okay, now that I got that aside, what's up?! I like to give people the option to listen, but even if they don't like it, I'd still love to talk! How are you? =] Mar 16
  • Bob Ash said:
    hey :) check out my band! I think you'll like it! http://www.purevolume.com/amyst theres a FREE downloaaaaad :D Jan 13
  • Andrew said:
    hey there! if you have a minute check out my band... i think you'll dig it. haha purevolume.com/brightlightavenue thanks! Jan 07
  • jakegriffin said:
    hey itd be LUH GIT if you check out my band on here.iis www.purevolume.com/ArchedTheFlood. lol thanks a lot for your time. :D Dec 15
  • kahakufive-0 said:
    hey i see that you are a fan of devil wears prada, you should come check out the band i am in, i am pretty sure you will like what you hear. while you are there you should give us some feedback. http://www.purevolume.com/cityunderfire777 Dec 13
  • Rebecca said:
    Check out Homebody at purevolume.com/homebody Their site is in the process of being remodeled but they have tracks fromt heir latest Ep Vines up and will be posting more this week! Become a fan please please please please!!! Dec 01
  • blanksheet said:
    hello =) Nov 25
  • liquidblaze said:
    I'm all about FROSTIE !! Check the dude out!! wow!! --> http://www.purevolume.com/frostie Nov 21


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  • General: my lonely day

    she said goodbye, so cry me a fuckin river, bitch! you wouldnt kno love if it crushed your fuckin chest, this is such a lonely day...and its mine, id do anything to hav…

    Jan 18, 2011

  • General: fuck midland

    i go to the worst fuckin school on earth, i got suspended for defending myself wen sum lil bitch kneed me in the head at breakfast! then i go to jail for not takin out…

    Jan 07, 2011

  • General: fuck arkansas

    anyone hear abt the guy slanderin gays at midland? that peice of shit needs to die!!!!!!!!

    Oct 28, 2010

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