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Age: 112

Location: United States


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Porcelain and the Tramps

Electronic / Experimental

Detroit, MI

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Hellogoodbye Pro

Pop / Powerpop / Indie

Huntington Beach, CA

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One Republic

Alternative / Rock / Pop

Los Angeles, CA

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Panic! At The Disco Pro

Rock / Other

Las Vegas, NV

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Lady Sovereign

Rap / Other


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Comments (162)

  • x scene said:
    aww me too last time i was there i had to get a filling it got reallly boring sitting there i was falling asleep.. :] uhm i know you can\'t be 101 lol how old are you?? Aug 26
  • x scene said:
    aw lucky Aug 26
  • x scene said:
    awesome except i go back to school tomorrow :[ Aug 26
  • musicismydrugofchoice said:
    BRIANA!!! ITS HOPE!! whats up sexy?!?!? Aug 25
  • x scene said:
    how are you? Aug 24
  • x scene said:
    hey what\'s up Aug 22
  • HSUULISES_0 said:
    AAHHhHhH (BLUSH blsush blush blush blush blush blush verY MuCH BlUsh xD ) Aug 15
  • |) A |\| i said:
    hey briii! wanna hang out this weekend? Aug 14
  • HSUULISES_0 said:
    HaHaHaHaHaHa (bLuSH) yoU mADE Me LaUgH :D Aug 13
  • HSUULISES_0 said:
    aAHhH HaHa No nO : ] Aug 05


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mmmmmmkk. my name is Bri. & unlike most other brianas,im not black or gangster, my mom just gave me a black girl name. I'm loud & annoying.. even when i don't talk. i wish things were like before. but life's a bitch, & change always come when least expected. i feel gross a lot.& i always have a headache & i do complain, when im in a bad mood [now would be a great example of briana bad mooding] i like listening to people talk & sing to me people like to ask me for advice... cuz apparently, briana has an answer to everything. i change my clothes about 5 or 6 times a day. I don't like to be touched. so don't touch me. period. unless your a cute boy, or amanda. then i give you permisson to touch:] i get attached to people really easy. so try not to break my heart please. i say a lot of sarcastic things. so i wouldn't take anything i say seriously. i talk about ice cream a lot.. but i never actually get to eat it :P so someone buy me some fucking ice cream. if you talk to me ill talk back. if you don't talk to me..go play in a cement truck :] Ithyphallophobic- fear of penis.

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