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    eh this thing is pretty gay. i dont know where to find friends.

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my name is rachel. i have a confession, i used to be black. as in i wore allen iversons and listened to rap. haha, oh man. i go to a catholic school and don't believe in a god. i don't have many friends due to my fear of commitment. thus, i've never had a boyfriend. girls annoy me. i get in trouble all the time. i am not a good liar. my memory is horrible. i used to get good marks in school but i seem to have fallen ill with senioritis. sometimes i think in different accents (e.g. brittish, french, australian), yet i have never been across an ocean. i like to argue, even if i know im wrong. i am very shy. public speaking is not my forte. i'm not very funny. i get embarrassed for stupid things. i am an ugly crier, but i wouldnt know because i never cry. my life is perfect. i like to drink, but do not enjoy the big party scene much. i am not dependent on my parents. i am going to college this fall, i don't know where. i try to speak proper english as often as i can, avoiding double negatives and annoying slang. i can't wait to get away. im considering leaving and never coming back. not in a "my life suckkssss" ::slice:: type way, but more like "i want to see the world" type way. i swim. i am quite tall and ogre like. and now i am bored, im sure you are as well.

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