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Two Gates

If you look to your left
You shall see a darkened gate.
Many have entered and come
Taking the well worn path
That is broad and beat down.
And if you look to your right,
Look hard and you may see
A wondrous golden gate.
Few have come and entered
To take a path less taken
That is narrow and hard.

Yet, if you look ahead
You may see that at the end
Of the broad path lies fire
And torment and destruction.
The heat is intense and suffocating
the ground contains torturing worms
That eat at the human flesh to wreak
Havoc and the new souls forever.
Eternally, the patrons gnash their teeth.
But that, that is for the goats,
The ones who choose the beckoning
Of the broad and easy path.
But if you look ahead
Up on the narrow path
The end leads to a life eternal.
Life with contentment and joy.
Tilt your ear in that direction
And hear the noise inside
The noise that end contains
Holds angels songs and praise.
And if you lift to there your face
You may be able to feel
The angels breath and see the dance
That the angels joyous dancing!
This, my friend, this is for the sheep.

-Travis Sample

(Matthew 7:13-14)

Posted Sep 26, 2006 at 12:00am



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You are not a body with a soul. No, you are a soul WITH a body! There is but a miraculous happening in every heart, every soul. It is but a deep mystery that Christ can live inside of you. It's Christ in you! If you are a Christian, you know this to be true, and you are my sibling in Him! And, as according to my name, this life is just a prelude to what becomes of of in eternity. We as Christians can be thankful to know that this life is as close to hell as we will ever experience! And we are only passing through, for someday there will be deathknocks on my door and I'll be going home! Goodbye cruel world! However, for those who reject Christ, this lonely world is as close to Heaven as they'll ever get. Sad. Eternally seperated from the presence of God is a terrible thought. Even though Satan has dominion over this earth for the present, we still have the presence of God with us, even those who are unsaved witness Him. So, it's important to be Jesus to the world. In a quote from Sain Francis of Assisi, "Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words."

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