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The Receiving End of Sirens Pro

Post Hardcore / Experimental / Rock

Boston, MA

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Avion Roe

Rock / Alternative

Dallas, TX

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The Vacancies Pro

Punk / Rock / Punk

Cleveland, OH

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Rock / Emo / Alternative

Philadelphia, NJ

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Nice Peter

Powerpop / Comedy / Other

Chicago, IL

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  • kyle_is_gone said:
    hey! first of all, really cute pics. secondly, i'm from boink and we're letting our old fans know we're not dead! you can find us at myspace.com/shaunhughes now. hit me up if u wana chat 2 =) Apr 08
  • Case said:
    lol not much lol what about you? Oct 28
  • cowtamer said:
    Hey whats going down? you should check out my new band! www.myspace.com/iamwavesband Oct 05


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  • General: blarg.

    yeah so...geography sucks. god damn it, i'm 2 years older than these kids! i'll be EIGHTEEN in little over a month. oh well school's over. byeee.

    Nov 28, 2006

  • General: WORK DAMMIT!

    Mar 14, 2006

  • General: WORK DAMMIT!

    Mar 14, 2006

  • General: Yayness...

    SO MANY CONCERTS ARE COMING! It amazes me. I know Armor for Sleep is sold out in Philly, but don't they usually have tix day of show? And the 69 eyes! MUST. SEE. THE…

    Feb 16, 2006

  • General: Mongooses are cooler than YOU

    I had that awesome dream where we were watching music videos with this bald guy in them. He was rapping and playing the guitar. But I wasn't paying attention and was w…

    Jan 11, 2006



Let's get right into this shiitake, kk? Call me Play, 'tis my nickname. I use the word "awkward" a lot. My friends are the greatest people in the world and no one can touch them. EVER. I don't respond when just called "hot"; but don't stop sending those messages because I really do enjoy rejecting them. I write most of the time. It's my life. I'm a total spelling nazi. "u" is NOT a word. I am S I N G L E and looking even though boys are bad for my health. I like new people, they make me feel all fuzzy on the inside. I'm a pacifist until you make me angry enough. It takes a lot, believe me. Unless you're one of my guy friends. WARNING: I enjoy playing with sharp things. I'll think over something, but act on impulse anyway. I'm very quiet and shy. Fuck you. I'll walk away if I feel ignored. I'm a filmmaker && video editor && writer. Yes, all three. I'm also an insomniac && procrastinator. I'm usually not a bitch unless you really piss me off. I'm sXe, but I don't care how anyone screws up their own bodies. Unless your my friend. I'm not fucking ashamed to be who I am and enjoy my lack of time on here, but a lot people need to grow the fuck up and find out that 10 years from now, no one's going to care how many myspace friends you had or how tough you could talk through a machine. No one will give a shit that you started a whore train for kids with 7K friends or more. No one will give a rat's ass if you think you or your best friend or your significant other is "better than" us. In fact, no one will care about the face you made in that picture or your best angle or how many pictures you took to get ONE good one. So stop worrying about a fucking site that we all know won't last forever. I'll find it interesting when you see past a profile to an actual person. keep in mind, my darling not every saint is a fool.

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