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  • Dita said:
    hey, come check out my project called Crown Ether at http://purevolume.com/CrownEther, thanks! Jun 21
  • live_for_me said:
    Do you love Green Day? Want to help spread the word on the release of their new album? And be able to win cool prizes from the band themselves? All for free? Then go here http://thestreetnetwork.sparkart.com/greenday/index.php?noredirect=1 to sign up and get started! Upon sign up, in the box where it says 'who were you reffered by', please put the username 'dead_beat'. What are you waiting for? It's completely free! You get news about the band, the album, and you get to connect with other fans all around the world. Remember. Just put dead_beat in the referred by box. Apr 20
  • Chauntecleer said:
    Hello there! Click on the picture to listen!!! Hit me back and be a friend!!! Thanks and God bless, Rich May 23
  • Maria and the Fox said:
    We recently added an artist page here. We\'d love it if you could listen to our songs & add us. You can find more songs & other information on our Myspace page: Myspace: May 19
  • Hannes_TUC said:
    Hey , check out my Band at purevolume.com/theunusedcondoms. Add us if u like it! May 10
  • Karla. said:
    hey, i havent heard from you in awhile. anything new?? oh, you wanna make me a sign if i make you one? Apr 19
  • LOVExDRUG said:
    It\'s about 104 days until I get to see Boys Like Girls at Warped.YEAH, I\'M EXCITED!!& totally counting down already. Apr 17
  • LOVExDRUG said:
    So who else is very influencial to you right now?? Mar 23
  • said:
    hahahahahahahaha! oh man, thanks. haha Mar 19
  • LOVExDRUG said:
    I\'m sorry you couldn\'t see them.Interesting though, Thunder Acoustic started playing as I was reading your comment. Mar 18


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my name is suzy and music is my boyfriend i can be: anything cute loving logical ditzy bitchy crazy honest trusting annoying nonsensical wacky picky grumpy depressed extatic selfish caring submissive stubborn stylish musical entertaining passive aggressive funny quiet shy loud obnoxious adventurous moral obsessed moody quarrelsome agitated spastic paranoid hungry tired frumpy ugly fat insecure confident loved unloved unique humble bubbly real understanding accepting forgiving tan pale forgotten talkative playful odd random factual lazy infectious paradoxical secretive open giddy healthy pushy historical phylsophical careless experimental tempermental righteous sick cautious healthy spontaneous sentimental remembered Im a skateboarder and its the reason i currently have a banged up head I want to marry all my real friends and i tell them it all the time I have too many nick names that arnt even worth mentioning. I live for concerts I usually replace sszs with zs I don't wear make up but people say i look great in it Tell me you love me my eyes will sparkle Im a straightedge vegetarian who's pro love and pro choice. People say im creative; But dont try too hard to understand me becuase then you might explode i -Concertsx903849013 -Neon Colors -Skateboarding -When people say they love me -Spontaneously exploding into singing/dancing -Rainbows -Sharpies -Plastic jewlery [pearls and such] -Politics -Broadway -Eighties movies -Accents i can understand -Graveyards -Art -Pokemon -Reading -Rolling down hills [esp. in graveyards] -Summerbreezes -Eyes that see through me -Slurpees -Happiness -Photobooths -Starbucks -Theatre -My few friends -Safty pins -Reading -Smelly markers -Anything fashion -Lacrosse -Photography -Drawing on pants -Matts voice [esp. when he says ''thats wicked sketchy'' into a plastic bottle] -Lacrosse -& people whos confidence somehow makes me feel confident -Poseurs -Labels -Eyes that see through me -Cliques -Unrequited Love -Hyprcrits -Bitches -Tellietubies -Bad Smells -Stitches -Hospitals -War -Animals Abuse [MEAT] -Racists, Sexists, etc. -No life copy cats.

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