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  • lalalalalalalalalala said:
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  • QoVfidel said:
    HI , CHECK OUT OUR MUSIC!!!!!!!!! NEW clip!!!!!!!!!!!NEW SINGLE!!!!!!!!! http://www.purevolume.com/QuintessenceofVersatility Oct 27
  • galaxy said:
    Hello darling, I'm stephie, how are you? Jun 26
  • Xx.Summer.xX said:
    Hiya imm summer. Jan 29
  • galaxy said:
    hi i'm stephie :] how are you? Apr 25
  • radxcorerica said:
    you are a pretty young thang! :) Apr 19
  • SashaGabrielle . said:
    brett . i havent talked to you in a long time . you probably dont remember me . but , how're you ? (: Jul 20
  • Madz. said:
    aww :( that sucks. i havent been on this thing in forever. im actually putting pics up now :) Jul 08
  • timmithuTERRABBLLE!!! said:
    haha u look like a happy person! lol, :p Jul 05
  • 1unknown2all said:
    heey. i haven't talked to you in like forever. actually i haven't talked to any of my friends in a loooooong time so i'm going to comment all of them to see if they are still alive. hope you still are... =/how have you been? Jun 28


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  • General: UH-HEM.

    SO. Upond reading my BILLBOARD I realized that I tell very little about me. hahaha. except that I'm hyper, my name is brett, I'm weird, and I like poptarts. SOOOO. Hi.…

    Aug 25, 2007



HI. I'm Brett. I haven't been on here in forever because I got a job and it ate all of my time. BUT. Here I am because I missed all of you so dearly. If you've never talked to me before, hit me up with a comment or message. I'm pretty bomb if you didn't know. ;) blxcparty x_1plus1equals_dance brettlikescows@hotmail.com For starters, I'm rather weird, so you'll have to excuse my peculiarity. I live in the middle of nowhere, so I don't have a life. I'm really hyper active and I laugh really easily. My friends are boss. THAT'S IT.

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