• shoesus11 said:
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  • TheronRogers said:
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  • Curemytragedyx said:
    ohh yeaa so i now noticed your profile to annnd thats awesome your blog caught my eye..holy crap Ive said those exact things!!...u weeirrdo. get outa my headd=P Dec 21
  • Curemytragedyx said:
    haha niice pic...Ace Dec 21
  • Jessica133 said:
    oh sweet I wanna go but I can\'t I was but now I can\'t cuz Im movin but I get to see H.I.M live Jun 27
  • Jessica133 said:
    lol yea Im good what have you been up to Jun 26
  • Jessica133 said:
    Heya cutie hows life for you? Jun 21
  • PolkaDots44 said:
    Oh man that will be a good show. Mostly I\'ve been to a lot of local shows recently, but warped tour, the fray, sonic youth, and a lot of other concerts are definately on my list. Jun 10
  • shabbyabby said:
    mm good. :]] and how is where ever u are? May 31
  • PolkaDots44 said:
    Well Hello. I am doing quite splendid I must say. How about yoursef? May 21
  • shabbyabby said:
    mm hii thanks for the add sweetie :]] May 20
  • PunkRockBabe said:
    heelll ya they do! :] sry this comment is so late.. May 20
  • xhopelessxromanticx said:
    Well, not completely hopeless... May 13
  • Bad_Religion007 said:
    tongue rings are always hot if you catch my drift.... May 12
  • said:
    Hehe, thank you, honey. hope you are doing well and the weather over there is as nice as here :] May 12
  • quertie said:
    haha, I don\'t know what that means. May 12
  • **[sIcK_oF_tHiS]** said:
    thx 4 th ad, u ok? xx May 12
  • xhopelessxromanticx said:
    Hello there.... May 12
  • girldown said:
    hello octave-off. Hope all is well. May 11
  • apathyandgloss said:
    rotfl hahhahah thanks. Gotta love those eyewrinkles :> May 10

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  • General: what the fuck?!?

    uneventful life my ass....i didn't even notice that until now...thats funny as hell, if you dont post a blog it says that you live an uneventful life and have nothing t…

    May 05, 2006

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