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STOP.If you and I are only conscious of each other by evidence of our existences by profiles on a music website, then at least hear out this much. It's probable we'll never be face to face, you'll never know my story, never hear my voice or know my friends, be aware of my past, my whereabouts on this Earth or our correlation to each other in the scheme of everything, how I could be anything other than another number to the statistics calculated and lied about regarding this world, the sum of it. Because in that prospect I am a figure, nothing more than the html composed on the screen right in front of you, the person in these pictures inaccurately or perfectly depicting, suggestive of the person I might be in an actual life miles and miles or next door to whoever you may be, the same stranger I am to you, you are to me. Despite such a detached idea of each other, there is common ground, could be endless potential relations through our minds we could convey to one another, to the rest of the page hits on purevolume, whatever social networking site, the eyes behind the numbers, the thoughts and actual feelings completely disregarded in the fog distance creates. You might be here solely to learn of new music, to promote your own, and I was too, for years. But life offers so many approaches, and so here I switch it up.If you've bothered to read this much into the way I think, taken the minute spared from your own life to see into mine, then do me one last favor, and look at the socialvibe link below.There is our common ground, that is where we join together, where we can relate how we feel about things, and actually contribute to the betterment of something greater than ourselves.There is a cause for everyone, a force to become the wave that makes the difference. Just go to see what so many people have spent their own lives investing into, it's absolutely free, no way a scam but rather a social recognition to issues where we're looking for actual resolve !!!Thank you, in any case, for paying this much attention, getting this far into my mind, what I care about. Leave me a comment and let me into yours. :](It might take a bit for me to get back at everyone, but I will respond, hang in there !)SOCIALVIBE.COMSOCIALVIBE.COMSOCIALVIBE.COMSOCIALVIBE.COMSOCIALVIBE.COMSOCIALVIBE.COM

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