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Web page design for mobile phones and mobile devices is somewhat different than typical web design. First, as in all design, you must consider your medium. Obviously the size of our medium is important but it's also important to understand that there are two different kinds of comms cell phones with access to the internet.

Premium Equipment - A What is PMR radio DJ company will be able to provide Brides and Grooms with premium sound systems and high end wedding lighting equipment. Cheap mobile DJ systems and professional grade mobile DJs systems are not even comparable. You really do get what you pay for in the electronics industry. Make sure your Ohio Wedding DJ is using quality equipment. You wouldn't trust a Wedding Photographer to walk around and take great pictures with a cheap throw away camera would you? Just like you shouldn't trust a DJ that uses low end entry level equipment.

ham radio clubs are great resources for assistance and mentorship. As you get started in ham radio, you'll find that you need a lot of basic questions answered. I recommend that you start by joining a general interest ham radio club. If you can find one that emphasizes assistance to new hams so much the better. You'll find the road to enjoying ham radio a lot smoother in the company of others.

When gathering their details make sure you also get their permission to send them emails, tell them what kind of comunications you'll be sending and assure them you won't be sharing their details with anyone else - that's very important.

HAM Radio: Requires licensing via a test, not as common, but has a great following and good community of operators. Probably the most reliable and scalable. Short and Long range communication. This is the sure fire, best bet, go find a local HAM group and make friends, study then take your license tests. I'm working on mine currently.

I was still doing a lot of dates with Chet and when Don asked me if I wanted to do a few dates here and there, I think for the first year or so, I would get maybe half a dozen.

Slowly but surely, you will become the right kind of person for this business. If you have even thought about being a mobile DJ, you can be successful with a little bit of determination. I hope the clears up the question - anybody can become a DJ.

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