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HAVING no Originality is a sin. Not Being able to conciously live with out music is pathetic. Give advice to Yourself. Nile Do what goes challenged..... Make sure people Hear Me Stompin When Im Rolling through . Some people are Unoriginal. This Is why You Pay for Originality - You pay for Creativity , a Concert , You Pay For a Certain Brand of Tee Shirt, The Very reason you Buy Coca Cola - because its Sole Dependency comes and is produced from a single Entity. Be Original. Dont Copy. Dont Imitate and change it up. Switch The Whole shit from the get goo.. be original. They Want Good Slaves. The Plantation Has Trained Him To Do This. The World Does it Best #fb Cupcakes always Think They Know Sum' Cuz They Read it sumwhere. #fb i want The Chips to Come Pure.. Never Knock my Hustle.. I Wont Have to stomp on a Cupcake #fb When People Dont Know What The Hell They Talkinq Bout They use words like "your emotional" #fb #cupcake The Things Im Tweeting about Is so You Will Be thinking Like 45 Year old at age 17 . #fb Stop arquin about Libya or Obama's Policy's Who Cares ?? None Of us are In A Position To Do Anything about it #CupCakeWars #fb When I Speak on Something, I actually Have Real Life, Hand To Hand, Ground Up Experience. #fb IS ME SELLING THIS PRODUCT THAT MUCH WORSE THAN BEING BROKE ?? DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DOO HOMIE PERSONALITY GETS THE HEART.. LOOKS JUST GET CHEAP ATTENTION everyone is Selling. You Have To Sell. You Have Too Lie. You watch Tv . They are Lieing. They are Selling The Lie. Pushing The Fantasy. Sell The Idea. The Guy With The Best Marketing Pitch..........always Gets Rich. #winning #fb YOU CANT STAND ON THE CORNER AND SAY HERE I AM. EVEN HOOKERS HAVE TO SHOW A BUTT CHEEK TO SELL THE DREAM.

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