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Dead to Fall Pro


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  • Sweet Cake said:
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  • bear vs marc said:
    wuht uppppppp May 23
  • selimex_01 said:
    it\'s cool. :) i never actually got around to doing that assignment. lol. my mind always wanders somewhere else during class. :P where do u work? (i Feb 18
  • sw9834 said:
    well,what\'s new is that the whether is getting warm:)hehe,ok.there\'s a exhibition in shanghai museum---Rembrandt\'s golden age,i love all art & ill check my schedule !!! hey,are you OK? TAKE CAREFUL !!! my uncle broke his knee last week when bicycling,that\'s all because of the slipping snow:( that\'s terrible ..god bless him recover ASAP:) so~TAKE MORE CARE,SWEETIE oh,so you gonna have one day off,cool.and let my guess,yr teachers gonna make some praise on you,you must a smart and all A-STAND student:) enjoy yr time lol Feb 18
  • sw9834 said:
    hi ! how you doing my beautiful ? Feb 17
  • selimex_01 said:
    your\'re welcome! nothing much, just trying to avoid this assignment i have to do for school. lol. wats up with u? Feb 11
  • Jandro Phoenix said:
    heyy yeah i knoww i also got you on face book :) i never go on here what your myspace? did you changed it? Feb 07
  • sw9834 said:
    yes, it\'s terrible! yeah i think i wear enough,thanks.wow yr school cancelled because of the snow,now should i say\"hope you dressed warm\'\'darling! last night was the company\'s annual party since many big boss are coming so we were all dressed formly(hate wear suit),it was pity i didnt win any lucky draws:( you know what,chinese new year is almost arrving so every family is busy with the new year\'s stuffs,you are invited hahaha Feb 02
  • sw9834 said:
    Hi :) how you doing ? yeah,i just cant wait to tell you! it\'s the heaviest snow in the WHOLE PAST 50 YEARS !!! can you believe this ! My nose was frozen off~o~ but ,M happy you know! walk along the street and i almost slipped all the way to the company,funny! about my weekend,just stayed at home away from the COLD%u3002%u3002%u3002 hey,by the way,where do you live?and the whether? Jan 30


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