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hey wuts up im nathan im from delphi indiana an i love to sing all the time any day :) thts me the singer :)....talk to me i love meeting new ppl :) i have 4 tattoos and 5 bout to be 6 pircings :)) skinny jeans an tight tees everyday :)) i roll with high tops an either a sockhat or a banndana everyday...i cnt leave the house with out my hair done lol i use alot of hairspray :)) i have to look fresh everyday :))) an if u cld help my friends band out that would be amazing :) a cold dark night become a fan an tell them what u think :) hahaha o ya if any body wants to txt me my number is 1-765-543-1547 im nice to everybody :) just hit me up an well tlk :) i cant wait to tlk to u :P to the girls tht think im ugly :) stop hatin haha i dnt care wut ur opinin is :)) i dnt care wut ur boyfriends opinion is lol idk why u think im ugly. All the girls around the indiana reigion think im pretty hot lol i travel to play my music n i meet alot of new ppl like every thursday friday saturday sunday monday lol well pretty much everyday of the week:))) so no matter if u think im ugly...i no i can still get really gorgeous girls :))))) i am currently single...i got cheated on this past weekend...it's some bull shit but life goes on an there are more girls out there...maybe i could find the right one soon :)

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