• Ashley Greene said:
    whats up im new to this site and wanted to say hello, you should check out this electro hip hop band called "Planet Rock" at purevolume.com/planetrock they are so cool, if you like them leave them a comment peace peace Nov 12
  • "the few,the proud,...the sexy" said:
    nothing much,just finishing school! Apr 30
  • "the few,the proud,...the sexy" said:
    whatz up? Apr 26
  • josephpunk said:
    Hola - escucha el nuevo tema de BAJO PREZION - SI PUDIERA DECIR - ojala te guste - Pronto el EP. www.purevolume.com/bajoprezion Mar 23
  • HeadFirst4Halo said:
    alright cool! Feb 07
  • HeadFirst4Halo said:
    lol yeahh! i think i left my earing at your house too..their blue Feb 06
  • HeadFirst4Halo said:
    heyy man! fun time last night :] our clan is sweet Feb 04
  • said:
    hey whats up? i just wanted to let you know that my band just changed its name to Stealing Jane... go cheack it out and add us to ur favs ok? we added a new studio track of Heartbreaker :) Jan 28
  • Philski said:
    happy new year!!! Dec 31
  • Philski said:
    are you an Ohio State Fan? Dec 11
  • said:
    im actually in a hotel room in louisville, we just played in youngstown, and tonight we\'re in New Albany IN... goin home tomorrow yayy Nov 11
  • said:
    hey whats up? Nov 10
  • x said:
    oh yeah; i\'m from the kinda same part as that philski kid beneath me haha. except less in the boonies and more in the lame-o suburbs. Oct 18
  • x said:
    very cool... my claim to fame: I knew this providence before they were signed. I\'m glad they didn\'t change their sound alot. Oct 18
  • x said:
    yeah so i see... very cool. right now I\'d have to say my favorite band is either soco or cinematic sunrise. And I see your a fan of soco too? pretty awesome. didnt catch your name? Oct 18
  • x said:
    haha why do you say that? cause we\'re both from Ohio? the name\'s Mike, nice to meet you. Oct 17
  • eliza1118 said:
    hey! i see you like and then i turned seven! that\'s awesome! Oct 13
  • Philski said:
    thanks , i\'m from brookfield, younstown and warren what about you Oct 01
  • Philski said:
    Hey i\'m a lifeguard also...cool Sep 26
  • The Vandon Army said:
    Hey... you like some good bands. Do you like irish punk rock at all? Like Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, etc? If you do you should check out The Vandon Arms. Be sure to add them if you like the sound!!! Cheers!! Sep 07

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