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Planes Crash (CA)

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The Fall Of Troy Pro

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From Autumn to Ashes Pro

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  • JaiJai said:
    If you have a second check out Glory Days at http://www.facebook.com/glorydaystheband I would appreciate it so much! And if you like them, their music is available on iTunes, http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/glory-days/id438323703 They also have a brand NEW ep out http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/living-room-sessions/id469233505 Thanks so much for your time! :) Nov 08
  • Jesse said:
    hey :] I saw you on Jamie's Elsewheres' page. You should check it out my band, Amyst. we have a similar sound and I'm sure you'll like it. We have a new demo up that you can download for free :) and a Taylor Swift cover we did. Let me know what you think :] www.purevolume.com/amyst . ~Jesse~ Jan 10
  • said:
    hmm, id probably fly, and read mindss :] and i\'d be like batman. good and bad at the same timee. and thats an awesome powerr. but its a good thing you don hide in puddin, someone\'ll eat youu! Sep 03
  • said:
    super huh? can you fly? Sep 01
  • said:
    bahaha,, love the stachee. Aug 30
  • shelsi said:
    Hi: http://www.purevolume.com/kraven , http://myspace.com/kravenrock Listen to Kraven at PureVolume.com Listen to Kraven at myspace.com Dec 15
  • shelsi said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/kraven Dec 10
  • M E M 3590 said:
    hey thanks for adding me! how are you today? Jul 28
  • love-the-rejected said:
    heeey Jul 28
  • Amypants Likes To Think Shes Batman said:
    nahh how are youu? =) Jul 02


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why helllllooooooo there i would like to meet you.... yes you! and i would like to talk to you about many things...... many many things.... but we will get to that later you prolly already know i am brown... uhhhhh... theres not much to me... i like to skate and i love puddin!!!! i wear tight pants.. but lately they've been kinda loose... its cus its summer... but anywho... i am a really outgoing person... i can get along with people and be the best of friends... but no one can replace my number one..lol i care to much for other people and not enough about me... i believe that there is no after life.. i do not believe in god or jesus... but if there is an after life... ill see you there... i hate drama and the people who live off of it... thats why i got the patch ... for myspace... i do believe that myspace was made by the devil himself and its for the weak minded drones that have no life... i believe in aliens and ghosts also that there is such a thing as love... and you can find it in anything... just look hard enough.... i believe that the president, all the military and police forces are useless and that any one in the world can cause an uprising with just words.. which by the way i am waiting for that day to come.. but just think about it... there are more of us than them.. i also think that the world will end in 2012.. i do not believe that war is an answer for anything.. or that any human soul is capable of leading another's life.. we all live free and should do as we please but there those who believe that we need to be controlled and contained.. well i say fuck you! with your insecurity! you only have one life get up and do something with it, fall out of line and stop following others and lead your own life!! stop grabbing on to the fact that there could be someone or something out there looking for you that is just for you... make it happen go out and grab it...... that is why i cling to music and my friends ... because i use to be so quiet and worthless... but music has made me become more open it has helped me through rough times and has helped me to realize this worlds imperfections... and that you can find happiness in the smallest things....

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