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My ♥Boyfriend..And I



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  • General: Bitches!

    Ewwww... I HATE GIRLS.. Their Gay! all they do is run their mouth.... i mean come on and woop my ass if you say your "going to" because im here waiting for that da…

    May 31, 2006

  • General: Blah blah blah...SCHOOL!?!

    Well today is my last day at school {how sad} and my bestest best friend in the world is not here due to she is moving back home, blah i hate you for that but this sum…

    May 25, 2006



Im Shaleah Raina Fucking Johnson....mmk? and i dont play by the rules. ill do as i please. and im sorry if that hurts your feelings. im a bitch. plain and simple. i cant change that. if you dont like it then im sorry. im never going to change for nobady else but myself. if i feel the need to change then i will. but dont tell me what i should and shouldnt do. but thanks anyways. I have a wronderful boyfriend. and i love him dearly. we may fight a lot but thats part if being in love. but we can make it. i would kill someone for him. and i would die for his love. i love ashton scott brown. Feb 13, 06-Forever.

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