• nickg29 said:
    u sound cool. want 2 b friends? Jan 16
  • bmxislife said:
    hey whats up Dec 18
  • punkrock1789 said:
    heyu thanks 4 the add Aug 22
  • Matias Rengifo said:
    Hi Shaleah!!!! I just thought u might like to listen to my band. Please check it out at www.purevolume.com/12barcats and let us know what u think. I really hope u like it......Bye!! Aug 16
  • jofler said:
    hello whit ther artists on you list i think you would like trusted few you find them on my side have a nice day jofler Aug 11
  • Ahnest said:
    Hey there! My name is Nick and I am promoting my acoustic project: Ahnest. Check it out sometime and let me know what you think! Thanks! www.purevolume.com/ahnest Jul 02
  • ChIvO said:
    eeii nice site...how are u? we are promoting our first demo in purevolume please check it up at http://www.purevolume.com/blad and tell me what u think !! i think you would like us even if you don\'t speak spanish =) Jun 15
  • supaflydan said:
    Hey check out A New Honour! Jun 07
  • said:
    i live in ventura county california, its boring but its funn too ... if that makes any sense? :]] May 31
  • said:
    hey i just posted my band under the name cleareyedthreat go check it out and let us know what you think it is an acoustic side porject of a post hardcore band let us know what you think and if you like the music spread the word thanks any questions send me a message Ross May 30
  • said:
    yeah thats how i was where i used to live. But then i moved and met a lot of, believe it or not, awesome girls haha :]] && wiicked hawtt boyz haahaha May 30
  • lonniedavis said:
    hey, sorry to bother you but i think you might like my band. Were called Lonnie Davis and you can hear us as www.purevolume.com/lonniedavis i\'d really appreciate it if you could have a listen and let me know what you think :-) thnks May 27
  • said:
    hey i just posted my band on purevolume under the name palmflowers please go check it out and let me know what you think we are an acoustic side porject of a posthardcore badn people say the acoustic thing is better so we are sticking iwth it for awhile to see what happens. let us knwo what you think and leave us some comments thanks Ross May 26
  • said:
    thats lame. I hate when people judge other people.. people are such hipocrites pfft! girls are sooo shady these days. Like whatever they\'re full of B.S.grrr.. i\'ll help you whoop there ass hahaha♥ May 25
  • lalas850 said:
    yeah i\'ve been playing soccer since i was like 2. May 25
  • said:
    haha yeahh.. well if you met him you\'d do the same for sure! chriz is suuch a punk haha && that fool picks on me all the time cuz i\'m short bahaha but thats not my fault! heehee May 18
  • said:
    oh yeah it was wayy worth it, we put fish oil and flower on this dumb boy named Chris\'s car. :]] May 17
  • said:
    ohh, i got caught sneaking out with my friends by some cops, so they like brought us home and woke my parents up at like 2 in the morning hahaha...good times though. :] i think my font is hotpink. May 16
  • fran said:
    photo shop or there is this effet on the camera on my combuter. May 16
  • said:
    sounds familuar who be that do tell do tell May 16

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Im Shaleah Raina Fucking Johnson....mmk? and i dont play by the rules. ill do as i please. and im sorry if that hurts your feelings. im a bitch. plain and simple. i cant change that. if you dont like it then im sorry. im never going to change for nobady else but myself. if i feel the need to change then i will. but dont tell me what i should and shouldnt do. but thanks anyways. I have a wronderful boyfriend. and i love him dearly. we may fight a lot but thats part if being in love. but we can make it. i would kill someone for him. and i would die for his love. i love ashton scott brown. Feb 13, 06-Forever.

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