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Age: 26

Location: Brigham, UT


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Everyday Sunday

Rock / Powerpop

Columbus, OH

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The Sunstreak

Rock / Pop / Alternative

Rochester, NY

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Rock / Alternative / Blues

Mt. Olive, NJ

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if all else fails (so. cal) Pro

Punk / Rock

Upland, CA

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Indie / Alternative / Grunge

Oceanside, NY

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  • adamwheresconnverses said:
    haha im from brigham to and same age Jul 30
  • said:
    heyy whats up? i hope you accept my add request! I saw that you have actionreaction in your favs... they\'re really cool! I was just checking them out bc someone said my band should play with them, and i was really impressed. so now im bored and sending out messages to some cool people who like their good music :) if u get a chance, i think you\'d like us, the band is called Stealing Jane... let me know what you think ok? id lovvvee to see us on ur favs :-P i\'ll ttyl ok? -bryce May 22
  • The Vandon Army said:
    Hey... One of the bands on your favorites list, The Vandon Arms, needs your help... Click on the link below and help us get on the Warped Tour by listen to some tunes and voting for us!!!! Cheers... we really appreciate it!! Mar 07
  • Davobiser said:
    Hey Check out OCEAN by searching Ocean music and add them! Feb 15
  • The Vandon Army said:
    Hey... The Vandon Arms have some songs for you to download from their new CD!!! check it out!! Cheers! Jan 25
  • cheesey said:
    Jan 25
  • o0O_This_Ending_Is_FoReVer_o0O said:
    haha moe im suspectin? :p. haha i dont know if i know you. im from brigham too. 16. i just noticed u commented our band. i was like hey! a brighamite!!! lol Jan 12
  • o0O_This_Ending_Is_FoReVer_o0O said:
    hey who is this? Jan 12
  • Mcloud183 said:
    Hi , check out our new CD at purevolume.com/forsakenat. Add us if u like what u hear! Jan 12
  • Bree said:
    hay watz up Dec 06


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  • General: boring

    hey whats up im moe and i guess you all ready know that from my three other blogs but anyway im bored and so if you keep reading this i have one word of advice and it i…

    Aug 15, 2006

  • General: ummmmm

    hey umm im kinda bored cause nobody is on right now so im making this blog to let people know they can email me if they want to the email address is the_regulator2@hotm…

    Aug 13, 2006

  • General: sup

    well i am moe so umm sup

    Jul 01, 2006



hey yeah like this is moe i just want ot let you know i think you are all noobs and you can lick my balls just kidding i love every1 and i want ever1 to be my friend so like enjoy the place and like like me

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