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Blizzard's Greg Street, also known as a "Ghostcrawler", has not only given plans for the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm successor, but also talked about a MMO for the Xbox 360.

The fact that the porting of an MMO on the home consoles has always been difficult, should be clear to anyone who once played on the PC. Without a mouse and a keyboard, capturing an act is unparalleled.

In an interview, Greg Street talks about whether MMOs are appropriate for consoles and what plans Blizzard has regarding the Xbox 360. I started playing a new game called Mobile Strike. It is really awesome. I recommend everyone to try it out. I even have found Cheats for Mobile Strike, which makes live easier.

"I think an important part is the control unit. The traditional MMO has always needed a lot of entertainment and depends on the mouse and keyboard. A few years ago everyone said that a first-person shooter on the console would be impossible. Quite certainly Microsoft has pushed this prejudice with Halo and other titles. Hopefully someone will do the same with MMOs. "

With the first-person shooters he is quite right. Then let's wait and see if Blizzard solves the problem with the console MMOs and what Microsoft has to say. With them, the whole thing must finally be discussed, according to Street.



Posted Oct 25, 2016 at 5:04pm



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