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  • General: please

    leave me messages instead of comments i rarely get on and they're easier to reply to thanks(:

    Mar 10, 2010

  • General: saturday.

    was my birthday! :D finally 17 haha had a fun night with my friends at chipotle, thats about it.

    Nov 09, 2009

  • General: today.

    pierced my nose today, well like a few hours ago. did it at home. the ring didnt go through the first time had to shove the needle through a second time. hella bloody,…

    Nov 06, 2009

  • General: my foot is asleep

    its 2am here and for some reason i'm still awake and felt like posting this. oh and last night i painted my hair staightener leopard print, random little fact. 

    Nov 05, 2009

  • General: :)

    the day he met the ocean she knew he was special a beam of light in her dark abyss  he was her sunshine. i totally wrote that in like 2 minutes haha

    Jun 10, 2009



"Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody Ive ever known" ~ Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters hi im ocean. i like people who are pretty on the inside i have an abstract mind i enjoy bringing a smile to any face i want to go to art school im rediculously lazy i am not too hard to figure out i am going to marry adam young ;) i never get on here, add me on here www.myspace.com/misscandyland_ modeling/photography http://oceansaghy.daportfolio.com

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