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When this happened, Saint Preux could do nothing except go for a ride.

Both because it's his strong suit along with because it will help him conserve energy, Saint Preux ought to certainly look to be able to maintain length and also counter. Preux's offense, it is necessary to remember that will he's mostly the one-handed fighter. The Particular fading "Shogun" Rua's striking protection may be shockingly poor lately -- even although it would boost decently for his final fight -- as the Brazilian recklessly swung without having any kind of setup at all. Plus, while Bader is hardly the submission ace himself, St. His hands stray definately not his chin, and also St. The Actual just threat he provides may be the takedown and leading control, thus "OSP" could afford to miss upon several looping uppercuts before finding his target.


The very best device in Saint Preux's operate arsenal is his strong left roundhouse kick. Krylov has since confirmed that isn't the situation -- it's certainly strange but in inclusion has been effective -- so much more credit score should truly go in your direction of St. 8, 2015) inside Bridgestone Arena within Nashville, Tennessee. Preux deserves several credit rating for surviving the grappling assault involving Mousasi several a extended time back. 8, 2015) from UFC Fight Night 73 inside Bridgestone Arena inside Nashville, Tennessee.

A state runner up in higher school, "OSP" has shown the strong mix regarding physicality and also technique throughout wrestling exchanges. Mousasi stood a tight kimura attempt that "OSP" managed to scramble from as well as passed Saint Preux's guard numerous times. Plus, he transitions well within dominant positions, rarely giving his opponent (other when compared with Gegard Mousasi and his brilliant jiu-jitsu) an possibility to reverse position.

In addition, Saint Preux provides attacked with some other kicking techniques. Whenever he's the particular aggressor, Saint Preux is actually positively lunging straight into these strikes. in addition, he's even now fairly dangerous when he can stand above his opponent, because he likes to dive to the guard together with a large left hand.

Will that be sufficient in order to defeat your dangerous Brazilian?

Though he rarely sets up along with punches, Saint Preux includes a good double leg takedown. Coming From the particular Southpaw stance, "OSP" leads with long straights or reaching hooks. In 1 hand, he's been capable of win with some flashy techniques such as the calf slicer -- regarding which there's no video -- yet younger crowd seems to just force a fair percentage regarding grappling exchanges.

In his bout together with Nikita Krylov, Saint Preux managed to display a new nasty Von Flue choke. In first, I mainly wrote this off, as Krylov's grappling appeared awful. Against fighters with a bent posture -- nearly all notably Patrick Cummins, whom Saint Preux kicked using this technique a couple of occasions -- this is specifically exhausting and often forces these to stand straighter.

Besides his kicking, counter punching has rapidly turn out in order to be one of the strongest areas of Saint Preux's game. Regardless of his range, Saint Preux nevertheless found himself receiving smacked with Ryan Bader's jab and left hook although reaching for the wrestler.

Defensively, St. He's at his very best when trying to counter strike -- your man can have an 80-inch reach all things considered -- yet his wild punches are also challenging to deal with, simply simply because just about any among these people could finish the fight.

Saint Preux is clearly one of the division's greatest athletes. on one other hand, Cummins merely offers nothing to offer upon his feet. When he's standing over his opponent, he can the decent job mixing inside attempts to toss the legs simply by with his punches. Preux was never threatened from your dominant positions his opponent achieved.


Instead, Saint Preux can harm his opponent in the outside along with force him just for you to walk via heavy shots for you to land. With Regard To one, he needs for you to remain relaxed and keep his pace measured, a lot just like he would opposite Cummins. In times, he'll turtle along with just operate as if his opponent isn't attempting to hold him down. "OSP" may terrain hard kicks to the entire body or perhaps head via well outside his opponent's range. Preux's technique sometimes is out the actual window. As he slowed down throughout his 5 round struggle with Bader, your All-American wrestler had been repeatedly in any position to out-work "OSP" even after his initial shot was stuffed.

While Saint Preux's striking could possibly get really sloppy in times, he's a really hazardous strike nonetheless. Preux. Teixeira is pretty predictable along with his overhand, as well as "OSP" provides verified he can easily game arrange for predictable fighters. Upon occasion, he'll shoot out a jab, nevertheless that's something of your rarity.

To his credit, Saint Preux's capability to perform for you to his feet is actually very impressive. However, Bader and also Cummins each located achievement simply by timing Saint Preux's lunges, that toss his feet method from position. Plus, he has got the habit of merely throwing one or perhaps two strikes at a occasion -- unless he's wildly flurrying -- which usually could become predictable and also easy to time.

Recently, Saint Preux seems being hitting his stride. He even was able to break Ryan Jimmo's arm with one of these kicks when "Big Deal" went to block a high kick.

Heavy-handed slugger, Ovince Saint Preux, is set to challenge former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) title challenger, Glover Teixeira, this Saturday (Aug. Opened up against opponent's regarding the opposite stance, Saint Preux capitalizes on the very best two areas of his game: Duration and also power. He's the particular far superior kicker, consequently there's silly for him for you to chase following Teixeira as well as encounter an overhand or perhaps takedown.

It's been challenging to obtain a complete study upon Saint Preux's jiu-jitsu skills, even though his current bout together with Bader assisted the bit. Throughout pure wrestling exchanges, he's truly very talented, as Saint Preux is very quick to be able to sprawl his hips towards the mat when throughout position. Within this way, St. in which bout, it swiftly became apparent that will Saint Preux is not significantly of the guard fighter, as Bader moved into aspect manage with will.

Defensively, Saint Preux is surely an interesting case. He's capable of manipulate his opponent's physique around even when he's at a disadvantage in terms of leverage. He's finished his final two bouts through very first round knockout along with appears to have his timing down.

To realize St. Notably, he were in a new position to terrain the actual double upon Ryan Bader a handful of times, changing amounts immediately after escaping via his back as well as catching his opponent off-guard.

If Saint Preux wasn't capable of strike from such a great distance, this would find him countered far more often of computer already has. He was a higher education football player as well as devoted himself to mixed fighting styles (MMA) full-time following graduating. Regardless, "OSP" were in a position to either recover guard along with scramble back again for you to his feet every time.

Best chance With Regard To Success

In this bout, it's important in which Saint Preux do a couple of things. Regardless in the circumstance, Saint Preux finished your transfer properly by cinching his hands and also dropping his shoulder to the throat.

From the actual top, Saint Preux seems quite strong together along with his guard passing. His final a couple of knockout victories get basically arrive through the single counter punch, though neither case has been specifically technical.

In the particular clinch, Saint Preux's strength shines through. Against a grappler involving Mousasi's caliber, that's an extraordinary accomplishment for any green fighter. Preux's head movement and also footwork aren't sufficient to create up pertaining to this. Suddenly, he's throwing himself out of his stance and off-balance. Sometimes, that's most which matters.

Will St. both offensively as well as defensively, Saint Preux is surely an http://st-andrew.org.uk higher than average wrestler.

When instructed to lead, St. In case Saint Preux is actually smart, he'll always be trying to territory his left hook or even uppercut as Teixeira throws his right, much just like Bader does to become able to drop the Brazilian.

Oddly enough, Saint Preux has been playing about with most the orthodox stance as well. He truly runs by means of the actual shot, which in turn is a really well-liked style associated with shot for MMA. His athleticism provides likely slowed his technical development any bit, but it is also allowed "OSP" to generate a number of spectacular finishes.

From the extremely best position, Saint Preux are at his the majority of dangerous. His size enables him to produce fantastic levels of energy with out standing as well as attaining a dominant position, as his finish regarding Cody Donovan shows. He's clearly been operating on his front snap kick, which digs the ball of the foot or even toes to the mid-section. Alternatively, Saint Preux will look for your change as well as try to wall-walk back again as a lot as his feet. Against Cummins, "OSP" ended up being extremely effective in springing again for you to his feet following becoming taken down, because he by absolutely no means permitted Cummins to be able to set up top position.

There's an obvious impact on these kicks, and his awesome opponents definitely feel them, blocked or even otherwise. Preux carry on his climb to the the surface of the particular division or is Glover Teixeira still any force to be reckoned with?. Preux, that can look to destroy to the 5 Top this Saturday (Aug. In spite of the switch within stance, Saint Preux will even now toss his left hand nearly exclusively, just within the kind of lead hooks and also jabs instead of long distance power punches.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

MMAmania.com resident fighter analyst Andrew Richardson breaks along the mixed fighting techinques (MMA) game of UFC Fight Night 73 headliner Ovince St.

Let's require a closer examine his abilities and discover out:

Defensively, Saint Preux offers a few significantly flaws which his duration has thus far permitted him to (mostly) get away with. once he secures his grip and also pushes his opponent against the cage, "OSP" can look to have an inside trip or just toss his opponent for the mat.

Instead, Saint Preux capitalized in his opponent's recognized flaws together with excellent timing and power. Even Worse still, when he swings wildly, his chin frequently pops up to the air.

Against Ryan Bader, we saw Saint Preux's bottom game for your first-time since his loss to Mousasi. Preux can be often in a situation to maintain distance, as his kicking feints have being respected.

Neither counter punch had been tight, but they landed along with power. This can be a five-round fight, and also Saint Preux can't afford to become able to slow down although Teixeira can be even now throwing heat.

Outside of that, Saint Preux's just wrestling issue has been fatigue

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