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Comments (30)

  • PJ said:
    =) Hey!! What's up?! So did you hear the awesome news?!? Rookie of the Year is dropping a new album!! You should check it out!!! http://i41.tinypic.com/2mdjl1g.jpg !!!! =) May 13
  • C.h.r.i.s.t.i.n.e.A.l.e.x.i.s. said:
    Dude, you should check your purevolume more often! But I was gonna ask, do you wanna go to warped tour this summer? Like the one in Dallas, cause I talked to Justin and he wants to go. I gotta find out when it is though. I\'m hoping it\'s not during Student Life or UT summer orientation--that would suck soooo bad! Mar 27
  • 3733ZOE said:
    so u changed ur pic, i like it, it shows more of u...nice hardcore pose there too...haha...i chnged mine too but ...duh...u know tht by now...if ur observant tht is? and so where do u work or wht type of work do u do tht keeps u so busy n nott a problem, its becomeing like a fulltime job answering comments n msg\'s but its kool , i like it, my problem is that Im so not a one liner type person so it takes a lot longer for me to get through them than sumone who wud just be like yeah thts cool bye...not me...sorry, But I gotta go to bed now seeing as how its ummm 6:54 am and i have to get up in like 4 hours for an appt and im not even asleep yet..but hit me bk up whn ya get the chance k babe, Lata n God Bless, Nkol Mar 16
  • 3733ZOE said:
    Cold weather is stupid to u huh? Well being from the most humid climate outside South America, whn I moved to OH for a while it was a nice change. every now n then cool weather is pretty cool to me at least...So u look all hard-core in ur pic was tht the look u were going for?? lol GodBless ya babe, Nkol Feb 24
  • 3733ZOE said:
    Good glad to hear that, oh no...ur a \"myspace guy\" arent u? AAAAHHH!!!! I personally do NOT like Myspace @ ALL but thats my opinion, hey by the way just in case u didnt notice u have sum blond chick with her hair in a bun on ur friends page twice, only reason I noticed was b/c she happens to be up now n the pics are rite next to eachother but I bet thats the page that whn u go to it its the guy flippin u off isnt it, I HATE that guys page, neway if not u prob have no clue wht Im talkin about n if not then nevermind so what going on in Hot as crap TX, and that coming frm a SC chica? Olla bk whn u get around to payn us PV chicks sum attention..lol! Lata babe n good to hear frm u! GodBless, Nkol Feb 23
  • 3733ZOE said:
    alrite now dnt be a shy guy...those get no respect from me..u added my comment now send me somethin abt U seeing as I have no profile to go from...Lata babe n GodBless, Nkol Feb 22
  • 3733ZOE said:
    Thank God u have God as a tag, b/c I saw mightywhity n thought u might be interesting but u gotta be careful these dayz who u nvite to be friends, u just never know ya know? Ckh out my page n holla bk if u wanna chat! GodBless Feb 21
  • supaflydan said:
    Hey check out the new single for ANH!! Feb 06
  • Joshua3:5 said:
    Hey, I was just stopping by to let you know that the first Black Sky Surrender album is done and they will be putting it up for free download on Jan 1st, 2007. Thanks for your support and happy holidays... Joshua 3:5 Dec 12
  • xCorexDancerx said:
    hey there! sorry to bother you, but i was wondering if you could check out my band MUTT. and listen to all four songs at www.purevolume.com/ilovemutt. I think that you\'ll like us. so check us out and let me know what you think. you should add us to your favourite artists list if you like. that would help us out a ton! thanks .(sorry if u already sent you this im sending this to everyone) love. www.purevolume.com/ilovemutt Oct 10


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