• supaflydan said:
    Hey check out http://www.purevolume.com/anewhonour if you like good rock/alternative/pop music!!! :) oh and add me as a friend if youd like...ciao Mar 17
  • said:
    awesomme :) thanks bud! so whats going on? Dec 21
  • said:
    thanks alot! did u add us to ur favs? we\'re on myspace and facebook too if ur on there! Dec 13
  • said:
    hehe thanks alot! did u get to check out the music? Dec 12
  • said:
    hey whats up? i hope u accept my add...I saw you like Big D :) Ive been a fan of theirs for a loong time. I\'m actually in a band called Stealing Jane, we\'re playing with them this friday... im def excited! if u get a chance, check us out ok? let me know what you think :) ttyl! Dec 10
  • The Vandon Army said:
    The Vandon Arms are annoying self-promoters... go listen to their celtic punk!!! Nov 28
  • validimperfectionist said:
    hey hows it going, Im brittannia gosh how did you meet so many band ppl? May 16
  • RaChElxEmoXlove said:
    wow did u go to warped tour u have a lot of awesome pics with rock stars !! luckyyy Apr 30
  • THE kHz said:
    Hey Girl! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking us out!! You, my friend, kick ass!!! kHz \"Your Frequency Has Been Changed...\" Now Infect Others!! Apr 05
  • said:
    whoa thats soooooo true why not stay up untill the wheee hrs b.c one day u will get old and wont be able to have much fun ha thats a great moto thats how i\'ll go about things lmao Feb 25
  • said:
    a concert every week !! umm u do fit partying elsewhere in that busy schedule right? ha how couldnt you Feb 19
  • said:
    AWESOME!! so how old were you when u went to ur first show ha i kinda wish my parents were into the music i was in if that was the case id be going to concerts way earlier than i did Feb 17
  • said:
    Whoa talk about a lot of concerts but how were the shows?? btw im gonna add ya on myspace mmkay=) Feb 17
  • said:
    ha two shows in a row even i know not to do that lol which shows did u go to? Feb 17
  • Revolt_To_Tyranny said:
    Hi, I just wanted to invite you to check out my band My Suicide Dream on purevolume.com/mysuicidedream. Its always good to hear something new...and a little insane. ~Brandon MSD Feb 15
  • said:
    np i just had to add u after i saw those pics with my fav bands but yea thats so epic so whats up Feb 14
  • said:
    whoa uve met a lot of awesome bands!! whats up Feb 11
  • sayfer said:
    Hi: http://www.purevolume.com/kraven , http://myspace.com/kravenrock Listen to Kraven at PureVolume.com Listen to Kraven at myspace.com Jan 12
  • Kyle Roeger said:
    yeah so do i Oct 06
  • Kyle Roeger said:
    thats a good idea...you dont wanna spend the mponey on somethin you might not like. Oct 04

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  • General: a static lullaby

    im soooo excited about the show saturday. i cant wait. but this will be my first show with an injure which sucks. but things should be ok.

    May 30, 2007

  • General: summer break is almost over

    im sooooooooooooooo happy that summer break is almost over!!! i hate being bored and not having anything to do and thats how i felt all summer. so i cant wait until sch…

    Aug 04, 2006

  • General: warped tour 06

    well im alittle late with this blog, but this years warped tour was pretty good. my friends and i decided to go to houston to see AFI and it was worth it. we got lost o…

    Jul 22, 2006

  • General: another year of warped

    so the vans warped tour is starting again. im kinda excited about going this year to see AFI play again. i havent seen them in soo long so it will be good to see them l…

    Jun 17, 2006

  • General: summer vacation is almost here

    yeah so this is my last week of school and i will be finished with my first year of college. what a great feeling. this summer will bring for me LOTS of boredom and hop…

    May 09, 2006



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