• Francesca said:
    Yeah, although I never expected him to be all buff! :O and yeahh, erm, alcohol-related incidents. But I'm going to go to confession to get it all off my chest :D so it will all come good! haha Feb 05
  • Francesca said:
    i know it was pretty awesome, im glad simon gets to be the most important hero out of them, he has a pretty large fan following in england :') new year's going pretty well so far, 'cept for a few incidents, how about you??? Feb 02
  • A FEW MEMORIES said:
    WOW!! thats so cool, is very difficult to get a australian tourist visa, everyone says that is one of the most beautiful countries in the world!!! how are the concerts there??? well, here in Paraguay, we have lots of natural beauty and beautiful weather, beautiful places!!! but the people here are so ignorance and only destroying everything, the education level is very low =( Feb 01
  • brooke :) said:
    Hahn yea you too:) I'm more excited for valentines day :b Jan 31
  • A FEW MEMORIES said:
    it says that you are from Australia, hows living there?=) Jan 28
  • A FEW MEMORIES said:
    Hey man nice to meet u too!!! how it is going? Jan 28
  • Mads said:
    No worries at all, and things are going well :) Hope things are going well for you too Jan 27
  • Megan said:
    hey:) Jan 14
  • Mihrab said:
    Heey Alan ! ipod touch! yaay that's great. hahaha yeah, you can talk to me wherever you are now :P hahah actually i am sometimes scared of grass because of the snakes and stuff . but it's better than santa, you agree? :P haha heey do you have his address, so that i can send the letters i write :P hahah i will tell him what you have said, and if he gets angry with me i'll add that alan wanted me to tell all these things to you :P oh noo , i am not that mean haha. how was the new year? Jan 08
  • Tarabiru said:
    haayy im doing great!xD how u doing?:) Jan 07
  • Mads said:
    hey hey, hope you had a good Christmas, and hope your New Year started off well =] Jan 07
  • .all.of.this.is.to.glorify.Your.name. said:
    youre fine. we're both even. :P i got all a's and b's so im not complaining. how was your new yearas? wow. i cant spell. Jan 01
  • killcoustic said:
    the longest?hahaha..i thought my address is the shortest one. :) thanks for sent me cd alan.. :) it's always hot over here..i'm melting.feels like there's a big stove burning my head. :p how's australia?is it snowy?or warm?or windy? :) ya we should go visit mihrab!she live in seaside village? oh she's lucky.i always want to live in seaside village. i know it's too late to say merry christmas,but merry christmas Alan..how was your christmas? :) you bought new ukulele,right? Dec 27
  • Jasmine said:
    haha yea i know what you mean(: Dec 25
  • brooke :) said:
    O: that's soo true... I feel old now xD my second end-of-the-decade lol. Oh, and happy news years eve :) Dec 24
  • Francesca said:
    ohhh well you've got some catching up to do then!! everyones pretty obsessed with it over here. uhmm ive not got too much planned over christmas, just the usual, church, see family, get drunk :P fun times! and as im posting this, isnt it christmas day over there? merry christmas! =D Dec 24
  • And A Baby That Looked Like A Marshmellow, I Was Stoned And Wanted To Eat It said:
    naa its cool. Getting warmer? aww Lucky, its getting colder and colder here every day, im hating it. I went out the other day and it was snowing loooots and the lake was frozen so me and my freinds walked on it and it cracked and we fell in. it was scary but fun at the same time. Well christmas eve im spending with family and christmas day spending it with freinds. You got anything planned? Dec 23
  • brooke :) said:
    i think i have like 2 and a half weeks off for the holidays xD all i know is its more time than my brothers have off lol. and im good too. im excited for new yearss:) Dec 22
  • GuitarGirl said:
    Im doing pretty good. Just on christmas break! You love coldplay?:o So do I! :) They are like my favorite! :D Dec 22
  • Jasmine said:
    Ahh coldplay? i get that urge daily haha, but Im good over here too.. Pretty excited for Christmas to be honest, Im home this year so it makes it special. How are the Holidays going for you? Dec 21

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