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Angels And Airwaves Pro

Alternative / Rock


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Scarlett O'Hara Pro

Post Hardcore / Screamo / Experimental

Mc Allen, TX

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Shiny Toy Guns

Indie / Rock / Electronic

Hollywood, CA

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Reggae / Rock / Ska

Long Beach, CA

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So They Say

Alternative / Rock / Alternative

St. Louis, MO

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  • KaylaKON said:
    you should probably listen to them :) http://www.purevolume.com/ResistTheUndertow48348 Oct 26
  • AshleyLeigh. said:
    Hey, I noticed the type of music you’re interested in and I thought you would really like Bright Light Avenue!! They’re really good. www.purevolume.com/brightlightavenue . && I looooove suggestions!! So feel free to tell me some. :D May 03
  • Rah. said:
    ha trust me Texas is way too hot. but i still love it..especially since i live in austin...oh and hey :) haha Apr 21
  • bbhk said:
    haha no not all, lol. Mar 14
  • never back down!!! said:
    ive been good...;) got a new job...n wants to get away from it. ;P n urself?, hows school n life? Mar 12
  • onetouchban1 said:
    Yeah this is my phone though. Droid lol Mar 11
  • pna said:
    yea google help me to translate words, describe my life in one word? i have to think about. Mar 11
  • onetouchban1 said:
    I'm a fork lift op for a trucking company so maddd borin. U work? Mar 10
  • never back down!!! said:
    ur alive!!!!! ;) nah not really, im mostly on facebook...n sometimes on myspace ;P Mar 10
  • onetouchban1 said:
    Nun to much at work yourself Mar 09


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    UHHH. This blowwws. LITERAALLY. Its windier than shit here. And the forecast is dissapointment with a slight chance of being irritated. Ive been thinking, people ar…

    Mar 09, 2010



DUN NUHNUH, DUNDUN, DUHN NUHNUH.. [office theme song? ehh.] HELLOHOWAREYOU? my name is giselle. people call me gizz. and get creative with it. peanut butter and gizz? you get the pitture. haha. im a sucker for panda express, and strawberry banana smoothie boba. buy me some, and ill love you forever (! i like bass. i like touching it. i like playing it [aha weird]. i also have a weird fascination with ukes.. besides the dirty words i know in sign language, the only language i can speak is english. im working on it. >:/ i could care less about global warming&&recycling. i say we drive more. lets bring down the mountains:D! [literally?] i like cheap scary movies [EVILGINGERBREADMAN!] and monster. all in that order. i dont like carnies in carnivals, but i like them outside of carnivals... i love sleeping, but i can never sleep. i like lighters. i 'aspire' to have a kickass lighter collection. i constantly have "hands down" by dashboard confessional in my head. i dont like dashboard that much.. -__- apparently,,im a porn addict. because i watch some porn compared to some other people i know.. [MOST DEFIATELY. NOT A PORN ADDICT, IPROMISE.haha.] i dont like math and often use my fingers to count. dont ask me to tell the time on the wall clock that is not digital. i can't tell you.. i like funny things. funny feeling things, funny people, funny videos, funny pictures. funny funny funny. you could probably make me laugh, without trying too. i find people with tourettes hilarious. they probably dont think so. but theyre funny. and i find them entertaining. they should be happy(: im raising money for an XBOX 360.. so far i have five ten dollars. i spend my time talking to people i dont know because i like meeting new people. HITMEUP (: i dont like AIMing. but im usually on.kinda. haha. AVAxalways

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