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Screamo / Hardcore / Alternative

Tampa, FL

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Kid Detective

Indie / Rock

Hubbard, OH

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New Atlantic Pro

Rock / Pop / Alternative

New Jersey, NJ

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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Rock / Post Hardcore / Christian

Middleburg, FL

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My Chemical Romance Pro

Rock / Metal / Post Hardcore

Newark, NJ

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  • Dita said:
    hey, come check out my project called Crown Ether at http://purevolume.com/CrownEther, thanks! May 26
  • Genny F. Sniper™ said:
    heey kiera pecitarian, huh?? so we're up to fish now?? haha Jun 02
  • .MelleAri. said:
    Awesome. Nov 10
  • Aye its chelsea. said:
    haha thats kool:) Oct 31
  • Aye its chelsea. said:
    wats a sn? lol and hi im chelsea :) jus chillen and getting excited for halloween :D Oct 31
  • piinkepoe said:
    aha nott too much. just chilinn bored as freakin everrr mayynnee. howw aboutty ouuu?!? Oct 26
  • piinkepoe said:
    hellooo there Oct 22
  • imGwendolynn&youaint=D said:
    hei np=] im good, thx for asking! how's it going? Jun 24
  • piinkepoe said:
    honestly. theres like not a lot to tell. just a lot of guy drama fi'sho. i started going out with this guy garret like begining of march..and we went out for like a month and a half or so. i was like crazy in love with him too. like ive never felt that way about someone. but idk. it just didnt reallly work out. he was a totally man whore. he self confidence was wayyyy too high. and idk. dlasfkjadl;f. godd i love him soo much still..but then again i cant even stand thinking about himm :[[ Jun 17
  • piinkepoe said:
    haha ommgg sooo muchh im lucky im even on the computer right now lol well i dont even noe what you've missed. just a lot of drama. Jun 15


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HEY my name is Kiera i love this site so much soo... yea im always on. so talk to me. dont be afraid to ask questions i'll always answer them as truthfully as i can. and im pretty honest.so anything else u want to kno just ask. btw i love comments so send some to either my blog, pix, or just to say hey. it'll be greatly appreciated =]

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