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General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS), Family Radio Service (FRS) and the new 900 MHz walkie-talkies are all designed and built for the same purpose: short to medium range communications for personal or business use. However, there are notable differences between the three!

You see, George Boldt (a hotel magnate) bought Heart Island in the early 1900s I believe it was and hired all kinds of folks to build this castle for his wife as a summer home. Unfortunately, his wife died of consumption before the castle's completion and he had everything stopped. There it sat for a number of years deteriorating and being subject to vandalism and what have you. Now this castle is owned by the 1000 Islands earpiece (bought for a whopping one dollar from Boldt's daughter) and they have been restoring it, but never plan to complete it. They feel it should stand as Boldt left it.

A transportable set is an invaluable second icom radio for use in an emergency when it can be taken into a life raft or used on deck to communicate in a rescue situation. It is useful for safety reasons in a tender when going ashore or in a safety boat when organising dinghy sailing events. A portable set is a good buy for non-boat owners who charter or who go afloat occasionally. They have a limited range but do require licensing and certification. Portable sets with a very limited DSC facility are available. They are intended as an addition to a full VHF DSC set, not as a substitute. Note that the portable set covered by a ship's radio licence can only be used on the vessel covered by the licence or by its tender(s). It is illegal to use the portable ashore.

Write down the depth of the anchorage shown on your navigational chart. Next, determine the height of the highest of the high tides during the time you will be anchored. Find this information from your marine radio or the Internet. Add a safety factor of three feet to these first two factors.

This process has been going on for almost 10 years so it's something we've been dealing with for a while. Since the A.F. has ponies up a lot of money to buy Icom Business, it has eased a lot of worries that were there at the beginning. Probably a lot of members who did have equipment that met the old standards which is no longer usable probably aren't too happy about it, but realize there is nothing Cap could have done to change things.

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